PlayPosit Chrome Extension

Troubleshooting? Check out our guide here.

Quick Install

Add to Chrome

Build interactive videos

PlayPosit offers multiple ways to design a bulb in minutes:

  • Insert a video URL in PlayPosit
  • Copy a ready-to-deliver bulb from our pre-made library
  • Use the chrome extension to pull videos from any online source 


The PlayPosit chrome extension allows seamless building of engaging video bulbs. With the click of a button, instructors can upload a video from any website directly into their PlayPosit library and begin embedding interactions. Or better yet, use the plugin to create your own video recording! 


  • You are using Chrome
  • Install the PlayPosit Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Web Store 
  • You are signed in to your PlayPosit account or have launched PlayPosit from your LMS


You can install the  PlayPosit Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. Select Add to Chrome in the upper right of the extension box. 

How to use

The PlayPosit Chrome extension will install a PlayPosit button on your Chrome browser. Clicking on the button will open the PlayPosit Chrome extension. 

Screen capture recording

Select your audio/video capture preferences and click Start to begin recording your video. To end your recording, click Stop Sharing to be directed to a new window. Here you can edit the title of your video and upload it to your PlayPosit bulbs library. Once successfully uploaded, you are ready to add interactivity (learn more here). 

Pull videos from websites

Add online videos to your PlayPosit bulbs library with one click. Simply look for the PlayPosit chip as you search for content and click Add Interactivity.

You'll be directed into a new tab where you can Edit the title of the video and Upload it to your PlayPosit account.