Navigating PlayPosit Classic

We're excited to unveil our completely overhauled, new navigation!

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The New button is your portal to create a bulb, class, unit, or learner-made bulb.

Manage bulbs

Find all of your bulbs in the My Bulbs tab. Arrange them by number of views, responses, or date created.

Use the triple dot menu for quick access to functions like Edit, Share, Preview, Delete, and more.

Share bulbs

Easily share a direct link to your bulb, embed it on your course page, or collaborate with colleagues. 

Manage courses

Navigate to the Classes tab to see all assigned Bulbs, Analytics, and Students in that specific course.

To edit or delete a class, navigate to the course and click on the dropdown arrow.

Advanced analytics

The Analytics tab provides you with a broad overview on student performance including score, total time spent, and their progress across all bulbs assigned to the course. 

Pre-made bulbs

Save time with access to over 400,000 ready-to-deliver bulbs. Make unlimited copies of bulbs and customize them with interactions to best fit the needs of your learners. 

My community

My Community makes collaboration with colleagues easy with quick access to bulbs created by others in your institution or district. 

Custom colors

Instructors can now customize their dashboard with color-coded course and unit folders. Simply navigate to a course and click the arrow to change colors.