How to Unlink/Relink Bulbs in an LMS

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  • Please follow the unlink workflow to unlink the bulb from the LMS before deleting the assignment.
  • After unlinking the bulb, learners’ grades will be archived from the PlayPosit gradebook, and the monitor page for this bulb will not be available. Please ensure to do the data export from the bulb before unlinking it.
  • If the bulb is relinked to the assignment, all learners in the course will have to retake the bulb from the beginning again.

1. Go to the assignment that the instructor wants to delete.

2. Select Enter PlayPosit on the gray screen.

3. Find the bulb linked to this assignment, and click the LMS icon behind the bulb's name. 

4. Click Download data to export the report for this bulb, then select Unlink.

5. After seeing the gray screen confirming the bulb is unlinked, the instructor can now delete the assignment from the course.

  1. Go to the assignment that the bulb was unlinked.
  2. Click Re-link to relink the bulb to this assignment.

NOTES:  All learners’ status in PlayPosit gradebook will become Not Started after the bulb is relinked to the assignment. Please inform learners to retake the bulb after it is relinked.

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