How to attach content from Google Drive to PlayPosit

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  • Insert a link
  • Embed content
  • 1. Upload file to Google Drive library

    2. Click 'Get shareable link', make sure link sharing is on & copy URL

    3. Select any question type or even feedback for where you want to put the link and click Insert-->Link

    6. Paste link URL and choose 'Text to Display' along with 'Target' or where you want the link to open.

    Embed your own content within a bulb

    1. Upload file to Google Drive library

    2. Select your PDF in Google Drive. In the toolbar click on the eye icon to preview the PDF.

    3. Click triple dots in right hand corner and select 'Open in new window'

    4.Click triple dots again and select "Embed item..."

    5. Extract URL between quotations(" ") in the generated embed code and copy the url

    6. In PlayPosit bulb, select add question 'Web Embed' & paste URL

    7. Document is now embedded in that moment in time in the bulb. Learner also has the option of downloading the file. 

    Other Hosts

  • Box
  • DropBox
  • Host Menu