Broadcast without a LMS


  • This article only applies to users who navigate directly to the PlayPosit website. If you access PlayPosit through a Learning Management System, see this article instead.
  • Note: Discussion Forum questions are not compatible with Broadcast
  • Below is a video overview of how to Broadcast without a LMS

In this article

Learn how to broadcast a Bulb without a LMS.

  1. Start a Broadcast Bulb
  2. Resume a Broadcast Bulb
  3. During the Bulb
  4. After the Bulb
  5. Learner's Workflow

Broadcast: Class Response System

Easily replace your antiquated Clickers with PlayPosit's Broadcast functionality. Project the video and audio from the front of the room, and learners are prompted with questions on their individual devices.

This allows you to:

  • Control the pacing
  • Interject with additions
  • Foster live discussion
  • Poll learner results from virtually any device
  • Get immediate performance data to personalize instruction and class discussion
  • Get group feedback for Professional Learning

Start a Broadcast Bulb

Broadcast any Bulb to deliver content synchronously.

  1. Create a PlayPosit Bulb. Click here for more information about creating Bulbs.
  2. If you will be presenting this bulb to multiple sections and wish to retain student responses for each group, you must create a separate copy of the lesson for each group.
  3. In My Bulbs, locate and click on the Bulb you just created, then click Broadcast.
  4. The Bulb will open in a new window. Share the Broadcast URL and Broadcast Code with your learners. See below for further directions.
  5. Once learners have all joined, click Start.
  6. If you need to show the Broadcast Code again, Click on the <> icon in the upper right corner during any segment of the video.

Resume a Broadcast Bulb

If you have multiple classes which will be shown the same Broadcast Bulb, subsequent sessions will show the following window before beginning:

Select Yes to continue playing the Bulb from where you left off previously with the same group of learners. This will retain prior student responses to questions in the Bulb.

Select No if you want to start at the beginning of the Bulb with a new group of learners. This will remove prior learner responses to questions in the Bulb.

NOTE: If you want to retain student responses from previous sessions, we recommend creating a copy of the lesson for each session.

During the Bulb

As the Bulb progresses, instructors can:

  • See the number of learners who have answered the question.
  • See how many learners chose each answer for Multiple Choice or Checkbox questions,
  • Project individual learners' answers for Free Response questions.
    • Note: this potentially sensitive information is projected with the rest of the Bulb.

After the Bulb

Gain insights into your effectiveness and learn which topics, questions, and learners to target for remediation.

  1. In your LMS, click on the Broadcast assignment you want to view data to open PlayPosit Setup
  2. Click on Monitor to open the assignment's Question-by-Question Breakdown dashboard to view learners' performance data or grade free responses.

For more information on the  Question-by-Question Breakdown dashboard, please view this help article.

Learners' Workflow

Once learners join your Broadcast session, they will see the video on your projected screen. As the Bulb progresses, questions will appear on their individual devices when the video pauses, and will disappear when the instructor continues to play the video.

  1. Learners login to their individual PlayPosit accounts.
  2. Learners can either select Broadcast at the top of the window or navigate directly to
  3. Learners enter the Broadcast Code (see above) and click Join.
  4. Learners will now wait for you to begin the bulb. They will receive questions at the appropriate time on their individual devices.
  5. Once the instructor begins the broadcast session, the learner will see the following message:
  6. As the Bulb begins, the learners' screens will remain blank. When the Bulb pauses for a question, it will pop up on both the learner's and instructor's screen.