Professional Learning (recommended)


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Professional Learning

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There are three main ways that Professional Learning is organized.

  1. Professional Development
    Structured classes and assignments
  2. Coaching/Mentoring
    Empower master teachers to offer better guidance.
  3. Professional Learning Communities
    Teacher groups intent on sharing knowledge to grow together.
    1. Peer Support
    2. Learner Lounge

1. Professional Development

Structure PD classes and material using PlayPosit or through your LMS.  Create classes with Teachers as Students, and assign them Bulbs to be taken for credit.  Monitor progress and teacher responses, and gather important data about teacher mastery and assignment efficacy.

If you are using a LMS, follow the instructions here.

If you will be using PlayPosit's website without a LMS, follow the instructions here.

Try our new Share for Professional Learning Link (seen below) as another method to deliver content to staff. Once a staff member clicks on the link they will be prompted to sign into PlayPosit, select one of your courses, and then will be able to access your material.

Please note that instructors must have a PlayPosit account to access material using this method.

A best practice is to send the bulb from one of your classes (as opposed to sending from your My Bulbs library) to remove the need for instructors to select a class when clicking the link.

2. Coaching/Mentoring

Use  Learner Made Bulbs to have instructors submit recordings of their lessons. Both teachers and coaches can then add annotations at important timepoints to the recordings.

Coaches can then copy submissions and assign them to cohorts to showcase best practices or truly exemplary lessons.

To assign a Learner Made Bulb, create a New assignment.  Then, follow the directions in the  Professional Development section to assign it to a class or an individual.

3. Professional Learning Communities

Peer Support

Teachers can share Bulbs that they have created, either to solicit feedback or to showcase their best work.  The "Share to Colleagues" link lets other teachers preview the lesson as a Student would see it.

There are many great ways to publicize this content:

  • Embed Bulbs in a shared intranet website
  • Post links in a LMS group
  • Use an internal newsletter to regularly share highlights

Learner Lounges

Learner Lounges can be a very effective way to inspire innovation.  Highlight the best teachers and lessons, and reduce workload by sharing resources and expertise.

Content shared in Lounges can be formally graded assignments (using the PD workflow explained  above), or informative Bulbs shared using the "Share to Colleagues" option.

  1. Create digital resource banks and pre-approved curriculum
  2. Post samples of best practices
  3. Post Bulbs showcasing new pedagogical practices
  4. Tweet links and tag your PLC group for even more exposure