Account Subscription Storage

To check an account's usage:

1. Click on the account name in the top right hand corner, which will then show this menu:

2. Click 'Profile', which will then show the amount of data used and how much there is left. 

Data Limit:

1. Free Version: 10,000 MB Storage

2. Individual Pro License: 100,000 MB Storage

3. Institutional License: Unlimited Storage

Minute Bulb Explanation:

MB=Minute Bulb

The 'MB' storage is referring to the amount of bandwidth streamed. 1 MB is 1 minute of bulb viewing by learners as opposed to 1 minute of a bulb video hosted. 

For example, let's say 10 students take a 10 min bulb you created-- that equals 100 MB used (10 minute bulb X 10 students).