Parent & Community Engagement

Use PlayPosit’s Interactive Features to Enhance Parent Engagement

There are several reasons to use PlayPosit to enhance your school’s family engagement practices:

A. Interactive Syllabus

B. Create Tutorials

C. Foster Feedback and Discussion

D. Highlight Student Work

E. Demonstrate Twenty-First Century Technology

F. Other Applications

A. Transform Your Syllabus into an Interactive Video

Text-heavy, long syllabi for every single class can cause parents to tune out and miss important information. Utilizing a PlayPosit bulb to deliver this essential content can provide two key benefits to instructors: monitoring their engagement and responses to the syllabus, and offering parents an avenue to voice feedback or ask questions.

1. You can either record your screen and narrate, or take a video of yourself explaining the syllabus. This personal overview is a distinct advantage over simply handing a paper syllabus home and hoping it gets signed. 

2. You can add any question type to your recording, and use the PlayPosit data analysis to gauge parent understanding and level of participation from parents.

3. Adding Free Response or Discussion Forums offer parents a place to ask questions or voice concerns, instantly increasing parent-teacher communication.

B. Offer Tutorials

Some parents may want assistance in understanding content, so they can offer support to their student. A custom PlayPosit bulb is a perfect way to communicate important academic material to parents. Using different question types embedded in bulbs can provide insight into parent mastery and allow instructors to offer feedback.

1. You can create a custom bulb or you can copy an existing bulb you’re using and edit it for parent use.

2. You can assign the bulb as an ungraded assignment to students and their parents can complete it, or you can share the URL (for more on this: video).

C. Increase Parent and Community Feedback and Discussion

A new feature of PlayPosit is threaded discussion. This feature can be used to enhance your family engagement practices by offering you a new digital venue to host discussions, where parents can provide feedback and interact with each other. An administrator, teacher, or parent could create a Bulb and share it on a school/class website or newsletter.

1. You can either share a Bulb via URL linked in an email or embed the Bulb on your website.

2. You can embed threaded discussions or open response answers to foster interaction and garner feedback.

D. Highlight Student-Created Work

A great feature of the PlayPosit system is increased student agency through the creation of their own bulbs: Learner-Made Bulbs. Students can make videos with the same interactive features to instructors, helping them reach a high level of mastery. These videos are the perfect opportunity to showcase your students’ ingenuity and understanding of content with excited parents and community members.  

Students can wow parents by recording their own videos with captivating interactive features or create exciting Bulbs from existing videos. Either way, parents seeing next-level student-created content will illuminate the steps your school is taking to prepare its students to succeed in the twenty-first century digital world.

E. Demonstrate Twenty-First Century Technology Skills

You can enhance your community and parent nights by modeling the student experience, complete with technology. Many parents and community members may be aware that your school is increasing student access to technology, but they may have no idea what it looks like. Offering parents a laptop with a custom-created PlayPosit bulb can be a fun activity that demonstrates your school’s use of multimedia content, as well as your ability to keep students engaged through technology.

1. First click the share button and copy the URL

2. Copy the URL into a web browser and bookmark it.

3. Change the share settings so parents can easily access the Bulb, make sure you allow them to input their name, so you can track their feedback.

4. Give parents devices (or let them use their personal tablets or Smart Phones)and instruct them to click on the bookmark, or share the URL via email.

F. Other Ideas to Enhance Family and Community Engagement using PlayPosit!

  1. Create a virtual classroom tour (really helpful for incoming kindergarteners)!
  2. Add visuals, subtitles, and translations to help parents speaking another language access materials.
  3. Showcase student productions, artwork, or athletic events on school website/newsletter.
  4. Cover student service work through an engaging interactive video.
  5. Share school updates/principal’s message online.
  6. Link to outside resources through the PlayPosit rich text editor.
  7. Offer parent modules to cover various topics like literacy and math development at home.