How To Auto-Enroll Learners

Allow learners to seamlessly auto-enroll into a course you have created to eliminate adding learners to a course or having learners add the course to their account. 

1. Assign a Bulb to a "Class" that is already created. (Click the triple dots on the right hand side of your view next to the bulb > select Assign > Assign and set a Due Date > Save).

2. Select the "Class" you have just assigned the Bulb.

3. Select the triple dots next to the bulb you want to share/assign and have learners auto-enroll into. Then select "Share"

4. Copy either the embed code or the link and share that with learners. Please note that learners will be directed to PlayPosit to complete the assignment, but they will be auto-enrolled in that course.

5. To view data on their completion, go back to the "Class" where the Bulb is assigned and select the "Analytics" icon.