Copyright FAQ

All videos accessed in PlayPosit are streamed legally from online video hosts who own and/or manage the copyright to the original media and give us permission to use.

For example, when a video is uploaded to Youtube, the uploader maintains the original copyright but gives Youtube permission to distribute the video. This applies to Youtube and websites like PlayPosit that pull in videos with the YouTube API. As long as Youtube is satisfied that their user is the true copyright owner, then they keep it online, and we can legally use it in PlayPosit.

Note: The original Youtube video will still get views through PlayPosit lessons. In PlayPosit, the user has to click play in order to watch the video as verification that someone is watching the video instead of a bot. Through YouTube’s API, banner advertisements will still appear. This is to ensure the owner of the video will make money from advertisers. This is in compliance with Youtube as long as you do not make money off of copyrighted video content you do not own. 

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