Uploading videos to PlayPosit 3.0

  • This article only applies to Pro users and certain Institutional license holders who are part of a license that includes direct video upload.
  • The PlayPosit 3.0 video recorder only works for users on the Chrome browser, but users should be able to upload video from any browser. If you're using Chrome and are somehow unable to use the recorder, please make sure you've enabled audio and video recording.

In this article

  1. Pro license
  2. Institutional license

PlayPosit 3.0 introduced a new video processor that allows Pro and Institutional users to:

  • record their webcam or record their screen.
  • upload mp4, mov, webm, flv, avi, mkv, and many more file types.
  • transcode these file types into smooth-streaming video files that will play without interruption on poor-, medium-, and high-bandwidth internet connections.

Pro license

The Pro license includes 100 minutes of direct video upload per year. When Pro users exceed that 100-minute limit, they will be charged per additional minute of video uploaded. Click here for more information.

How to upload videos to PlayPosit

Pro users have two places in the Designer in which they can upload videos to PlayPosit:

  • As a video segment
  • As rich text within an interaction

Pro users will see the option to Record and Upload Video when they select a video source within the Designer

Pro users will also see the option to upload video to any interaction that supports rich text (i.e. free-response and discussion forums) by using the rich text editor. 

Please note that students will also have the ability to upload video as responses to those same interactions using the rich text editor, and their uploaded videos will also count against their teacher's quota

How much video have you uploaded?

Pro instructors can always check their User Profile to see how much video they have uploaded for the year.

Institutional license

Certain institutional licenses include a set number of minutes of direct video upload per year. Admins for institutional licenses should contact their account manager to discuss overages.

How to upload videos to PlayPosit

Institutional instructors have two places in the Designer in which they can upload videos to PlayPosit:

  • As a video segment
  • As rich text within an interaction

In addition, admins can use their admin dashboard to upload videos directly to their institution's media library:

  1. Click the Admin icon in the left sidebar.
  2. Select the Media Library tab.
  3. Click Upload Video, and then drag and drop the video into the dialog.
  4. The video uploader will automatically build the video into a bulb, and the instructor will be prompted to change the title, thumbnail, and other settings prior to closing the dialog.

How much video has your institution uploaded?

Admins will be able to see how much video has been uploaded in three places:

  • They can click on their User Profile.
  • Whenever they upload videos, whether through the Designer or the Admin Dash.
  • Whenever they look at the Admin Snapshot tab of the Admin Dash.