Observer Role

  • This article is intended only for users who have been designated as an Observer in a Learning Management System. 

Once you are designated as an Observer in the Learning Management System, you will be able to view students' completed PlayPosit assignments. As an Observer you are able to track your students' performance but you are not able to make any changes or complete assignments for them. 

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View student responses

These directions will help to navigate through a PlayPosit assignment. 

  1. Log into the Learning Management System.
  2. Navigate to the student's course and then click on the completed assignment you would like to view. 
  3. Once you click on the assignment, a green notification will appear notifying you that you are observing a student submission. Click the Play button. 
  4. On the Review tab, you are able to view the student's grade and all responses by scrolling through the Review Sheet. Please note that if the bulb contains interactions that need to be manually graded by the instructor, you will only see the score prior to the completed grade. 
  5. Click on any interaction from the Review Sheet and you will be brought to that interaction in the video. 
  6. Continue to play the video to see when interactions appear and how the student responded. 

View student notes

Check to see notes the student took while they were watching the video.

1. On the sidebar menu, select the Notes tab.

2. View all notes along with the timestamp of when the note was taken. Click on any of the timestamps to jump to that part of the video.


As an observer, there are certain restrictions that will occur if you try to make changes or view specific content. 

1. You are unable to view PlayPosit assignments that are incomplete or have not been started by the student. If you try and access these assignments you will receive the following error message. 

2. You are unable to make any changes to the PlayPosit assignment. This includes Syncing grades, Retrying the bulb, adding to student Notes, or changing any interaction response. If you try to make changes, an error message will appear.

3. You are unable to view Learner Made Bulbs. These are student-created assignments. If you try to access a Learner Made Bulb, you will receive the following error message.

4. You are unable to view Broadcast assignments. These are assignments that are completed synchronously in class. If you try to access a Broadcast assignment, you will receive the following error message.  

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