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There are 4 simple steps to integrate PlayPosit with your Haiku course.

  1. Set up PlayPosit in Haiku
  2. Assign a bulb to students
  3. Monitor student responses
  4. Sync grades to Haiku gradebook

Set up PlayPosit in Haiku

PlayPosit is integrated into your Haiku environment by your administrator. Follow the steps below to add PlayPosit to your course and sync your student roster.

  1. Login to Haiku and navigate to the course you would like to connect to PlayPosit
  2. Add a Content Block

  3. Click on the Messages & Activities tab, and select LTI & SCORM

  4. Select PlayPosit as the Activity
  5. Title your first bulb PlayPosit and scroll down to click Save and Configure
  6. Click Get Started to access PlayPosit

Assign a bulb to students

  1. Add Content Block
  2. Click on the Messages & Activities tab, and select LTI & SCORM
  3. Select PlayPosit as the Activity
  4. For Title, enter the name of your lesson
  5. Click Get Started. PlayPosit will open to your library of existing video lessons (bulbs)
  6. Locate the bulb you want. Click on the triple dot menu > Set Bulb Link
  7. Select the learner experience: 
    1. Self-paced-- Choose this option if you want students to take the bulb individually, on their own device, at their own time (most commonly used)
    2. Broadcast-- Choose this option if you want to project the bulb live, in class and have all students take the bulb together. Start/stop time and pacing of the video is controlled by the instructor, while students answer projected questions from their own device (like a clicker). Learn more here.
  8. The nav notification at the top will confirm that the lesson has been assigned to students
  9. Optional: Scroll down to enter a Due Date and Enable Grading 

Monitor student responses

In Haiku, click on the assignment for which you want to view data and click Monitor

Sync grades to Haiku gradebook

If your bulb only includes auto-graded questions (multiple choice, check-all-that-apply, fill-in-the-blank), then student grades will be automatically exported into the Haiku gradebook. 
If you have graded free response questions or edited grades for auto-graded questions, you will need to sync changes with the Haiku gradebook. To do this: 
  1. Navigate to the Monitor page
  2. Click Sync
  3. Click Status to check the status of the student grade export. Note: It may take a few minutes to push all updated scores into the gradebook. If there are any errors, check out our troubleshooting guide here.