Locking bulbs after due date


  • This article only applies to certain institutions in PlayPosit. 

In this article

  1. What does “due date” mean?
  2. What does the learner experience look like?
  3. How can an instructor change the due date and unlock the bulb for more attempts?

What does “due date” mean?

You can set a due date for a bulb in the assignment settings. The due date controls how long a learner will be able to access a bulb by direct link or from their learner dash.

  1. Go to My Bulbs, click the thumbnail image of the specific bulb, and select Assign.

  2. Set a due date by clicking on the date and time picker dropdown to the right and then click the Link button.

  3. At this point, the link you are given by default will require learners to sign in to PlayPosit. If your learners are not already enrolled in your class, they will be automatically added to it. Click Copy if the default options are sufficient.

  4. Otherwise, click Advanced settings, select the toggles that you prefer, and then click Copy:

  • Show Embed Code - gives HTML code you can use to embed the bulb on another site.
  • Share for professional learning - share this link with fellow instructors if you want them to complete the bulb as a learner.
  • Do not require login - learners will not have to log in to PlayPosit to complete the bulb and will have to enter their first and last name. Note: Progress will not be saved if a learner closes out before finishing. 
  • Do not require learner name - learners will not have to login or enter their name. Note: Data will not be saved.

What does the learner experience look like?

The learner will be able to access the bulb and attempt it until the due date has been reached. After that time, if they attempt to access the bulb by direct link, they will see a blue screen showing the message "Bulb Past Due."

Otherwise, if they log in to PlayPosit, they will see the bulb in their class folder, but they will not be able to click on it.

How can an instructor change the due date and unlock the bulb? 

  1. Select the bulb you would like to unlock and then click Assign.

  2. Click on the x next to the original due date that was set to remove the due date, and this will allow you to reassign it with a new date.

  3. Have the learner refresh the bulb in their browser to complete the newly assigned bulb.

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