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  • This article only applies to users who are both part of an institutional license with PlayPosit, and who use Canvas. 
  • Admin who are part of a PlayPosit institutional license and are interested in using Canvas Studio with PlayPosit should contact
  • Captions will need to be downloaded from Canvas Studio and then uploaded to the PlayPosit designer, as the PlayPosit/Canvas Studio integration does not currently support auto-fetching Canvas Studio captions into PlayPosit.

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Note: Users must make sure to access Canvas Studio from Canvas at least once before attempting to access Canvas Studio videos from within the Designer.
Follow the steps below to login and link Canvas studio to PlayPosit.

Accessing Canvas Studio videos in the PlayPosit designer

After uploading video content to Canvas Studio, follow the directions below to use this video content in the PlayPosit Designer. 

  1. Create a new assignment in Canvas by clicking Assignment.
  2. Scroll down to Submission Type.
    a.      Select External Tool.
    b.      Find and select PlayPosit from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click Set Link.
  4. Click Add New Bulb. This will open the Designer in a new tab.
  5. Click past the Designer loading screen and select Canvas Studio from the Video Source tab. If you have never used Canvas Studio from PlayPosit before, you may see one or both of the following screens:
    1. Click  Canvas Studio.
    2. Select Canvas Login to enter your Canvas credentials.
    3. Click Authorize. (If you have launched Canvas Studio from Canvas prior to launching PlayPosit, you will skip directly to this screen)
  6. This will display the Canvas Studio Collections tab.
  7. Select the video content that was uploaded into Canvas Studio.
  8. Click Done.

Note: You will only be able to use videos that you have uploaded to Canvas Studio. You will not be able to use shared videos from Canvas Studio or a Canvas Course that you have not uploaded. Shared videos are found in folders indicated by the following icon:

If a bulb is selected that is not owned by the user a toast message will be shown in the top right corner of the screen that says "Unable to get Canvas Studio video details at this time."

Captions for Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio does not currently support external tools fetching captions from Canvas Studio video streams. The best option is to download the caption file from Canvas Studio directly, and then upload the caption file to the PlayPosit Designer.

  1. To download a caption file from Canvas Studio, select the video, click on the triple dots menu in the Manage Captions section of the video settings, and then click Download. This will download a zipped folder containing the caption file. Unzip the folder to extract the caption file (can be done by double-clicking the file in question, or by using a utility like 7-zip). 
  2. To upload the caption file that was just downloaded, start by opening the PlayPosit designer with the video clip from Canvas Studio. Then click Video Segments.
  3. Click the CC button for the video needing captions.
  4. Click the Drag/select .vtt or .srt caption files button to upload or drag and drop the captions file on this button.
  5. Note: Compressed folders (.zip) containing captions may also be uploaded. Simply drag and drop the zip file or click the  Drag/select .vtt or .srt caption files button.
  6. When the captions file is done uploading it will show up with a dropdown under PlayPosit captions. 
  7. Click Done.

Note: Caption files uploaded to the PlayPosit Designer can be edited using the PlayPosit caption editor.

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