• This article only applies to institutional users with access to Badgr.
  • To have this feature enabled please reach out to the Account Manager or contact

In this article

Learn how to use the Badgr application in PlayPosit.

  1. Badgr set up
  2. Instructors using Badgr in Playlists
  3. Learners using Badgr in Playlists
  4. Troubleshooting

Badgr set up

To enable Badgr, please reach out to the Account Manager or contact

Note: You must have an Admin PlayPosit account to set up Badgr. 

Once PlayPosit notifies you that the integration is enabled, go to If you are not already logged into your PlayPosit admin account, you will be prompted to log in.

PlayPosit will ask permission to access your Badgr account, click Authorize

A blue screen will appear confirming that the integration has been established. 

If there are subaccounts at your institution, please reach out to the Account Manager or to enable this integration for all accounts associated with the license. 

Instructors using Badgr in Playlists

After creating a new Playlist, select Badgr from the Microcrendential Settings dropdown menu in the Playlist Designer.

Click the Badgr Issuer drop-down and select an issuer that has been created in a linked Badgr account. To learn more about Badgr Issuers, click here.

Click Request Issuer Access to gain access to the available badges from the Issuer. 

Once the Issuer has granted access, a new dropdown titled Select Badge will appear as a dropdown. 

Select a badge that was previously created in Badgr and click Add Badge.

To delete the selected badge click the x icon on the badge chip. 

If a new badge needs to be created in Badgr, click Create New Badge

The Create new badge popover will open on the right.

  1. Click upload badge image to upload a badge image.
  2. Add a Badge Name.
  3. Enter a Badge Description.
  4. Determine Badge Criteria for receiving a badge.
  5. Select the use criteria URL check box to add a criteria URL to the badge. 
  6. Click Create Badge to create the new badge.

Learners using Badgr in Playlists

After a badge has been added to a Playlist, a learner may obtain a badge by taking and completing the Playlist. After completing the Playlist, the notification Badge Earned! will appear.

If the learner clicks on the Badge Earned! a new popup will show the badge with a description of the badge. 

The badge can be downloaded by clicking Download

If the learner clicks View Criteria a new tab will display the badge in Badgr with the full description of the criteria needed to receive the badge. 


Badgr not authorized or already integrated for your school. Please contact PlayPosit to make any changes.

This screen can appear if you are not logged into an admin account or if the Badgr integration is already established. 

I can't see my badges.

You must either be an Issuer or added as an associate of an Issuer to view badges. Reach out to the admin at your institution to get added the Badgr account. Click here for more information on Issuers. 

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