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  • Accessing the administrator dashboard
  • Setting up the administrator dashboard
  • Uploading instructors
  • Removing instructors
  • Moving instructors between schools
  • Transparency for educators
  • Admin analytics
  • Professional development
  • Custom branding
  • Accessing the administrator dashboard

    The administrator dashboard must be activated by the PlayPosit team. Once activated, launch your PlayPosit account from your LMS or login directly on www.playposit.com and navigate to the ADMIN tab.

    Setting up the administrator dashboard

    By default, the name of your institution will appear on the left and all instructors will be added under one tab. Email the PlayPosit team if you would like to add multiple tabs and organize instructors into sub-groups (school site, grade level, department, etc.).

    Uploading instructors

    To affiliate instructors with your institution, click Manage Licenses and complete the table. 

    • All instructor accounts entered here will be upgraded to premium
    • You can copy/paste formatted roster (< 100 instructors at a time) into the uploader
    • If instructors will access PlayPosit from a LMS, enter a placeholder password
    • Creating a password here will not override existing instructor credentials

    Removing instructors

    To downgrade and disassociate an instructor account from your institution:

    1. Check the box next to the name(s)
    2. Click Actions and Disable License

    Moving instructors between schools

    At the end of an academic year, instructors may move from one school site to another. To update your Admin Dashboard, click Manage Licenses and complete the table with the new school site. This will transfer the instructor from the previous institution tab.

    Transparency for educators

    As an admin, you automatically have full access to instructor and student accounts. Click Instructor Login to access all content and student data. 

    Admin analytics 

    Navigate to the Admin Analytics tab to view overall instructor activity per month.

    Scroll down to track instructor usage with number of Bulbs Created and Last Login.

    Professional development

    Instructors affiliated with your administrator dashboard can become the admin's student in a flipped professional development course:

    (a) Add instructors to PD course

    Select all instructors you want to add to the PD course using the check boxes. Click Actions and Add to PD Course.

    (b) Assign PD lesson to instructors

    On the lesson thumbnail, click Assign and set a due date next to the PD_1 course.

    (c) Instructor access to PD lessons

    Instructors login to their PlayPosit account and click the PD button to view all assigned lessons

    Custom Branding

    The ability to brand the PlayPosit video player with your custom logo/colors is a special perk available exclusively to our institutional partners. Note: (1) Anyone with administrator status in PlayPosit can set up custom branding and (2) Custom branding will apply to all instructors and students affiliated with the institution.

    To set this up:

    1. Go to the PlayPosit App and click on your Name > Profile 
    2. Scroll down to Branding
      1. Click the avatar to upload your institution logo
        • Upload a .png file type with a transparent background
        • Ensure logo color does not conflict with active/base color (white is recommended)
        • Logo has a height of ~100px with padding at top and bottom
        • Recommended width to height ration is 2:1 or 1:1
    3. Enter hex codes for your desired Active Color, Inactive Color and Base Color

    Student view:

    Instructor view: