Learner-Made Bulbs

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Create, assign, and grade your students' submissions.

  1. Assign a Learner-Made Bulb
  2. Grade a Learner-Made Bulb

Students Create Their Own Bulbs

Learner-Made Bulbs are a great way to empower your learners to become the instructor. Learners have access to the full power of the PlayPosit Designer, including uploading their own videos and embedding all question types. You can use this feature to:

  • Review projects where students create their own questions on video already seen.
  • Have learners create their own video and add interactions to increase engagement.
  • Record a learner's presentation and have them reflect on their performance with comments in-situ.

Here is a quick video overview of assigning a Learner-Made Bulb in Canvas:

Assign a Learner-Made bulb 

  1. From the dashboard click New > Learner-Made Bulb.
  2. Enter a title for the assignment and click Create.
  3. Navigate to the triple dot menu, click Assign, and then select a course.

Grade a Learner-Made Bulb

Once learners submit their self-made bulb, the PlayPosit monitor page provides instructors with several options: 

  • Preview - View the bulb with embedded interactions.
  • Edit - Make any changes to the bulb prior to sharing with colleagues or other learners.
  • Copy bulb - Create a copy of the learner-made bulb in your own bulbs library. You can then assign/share the bulb with other students and colleagues.
  • Feedback/Score - Grade the lessons (out of 10 points) and provide feedback.

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