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Ensuring that PlayPosit is accessible to all users is a high priority for us. For details on our adherence to Section 508 standards, please refer to our Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) below. If you have additional questions, please reach out to

PlayPosit 3.0 VPATs

Below are our most recent VPATs for each microservice that align with WCAG 2.3 Level A-AAA and Section 508 Revised Standards.

  • Learner Player - link
  • Learner Dashboard - link
  • Learner Designer - link

PlayPosit accessibility roadmap

Click here for the most recent accessibility roadmap.

Player keyboard shortcuts

Accessing the rich text editor

If you're focused on the text area and the rich text toolbar is not expanded, press Alt + F10 on PC (Option+Fn+F10 on Macs)

You can use tab to access any of the options on this row, or use tab to expand the rich text toolbar by focusing on the triple dots icon and pressing enter. 

Otherwise, if you're focused on the text area and the rich text toolbar is expanded, you should be able to use Alt+F9 on PCs (Option+Fn+F9 on Mac) to access the top row. Hitting escape will bring focus back to the text area.

Equation editor accessibility tips

Make sure to enter in text into the  label box for an equation so screen readers can read out the alternate text for the equation. Click here for more information on the equation editor in interactions.

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