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If you do not see any of your Zoom videos in the PlayPosit designer, follow the steps below:

  1. From the dashboard, scroll over the side panel menu and select your name. 

  2. Click on the User Settings tab, and scroll down to User Integrations.

  3. In Zoom, click on Profile and then copy your Sign-In Email.
  4. Enter your Zoom username/ID in the Zoom section under the User Integrations and click Update Integrations. You'll receive an email within 8 business hours upon approval.

It is also possible to request user ID changes in the PlayPosit Designer: 

  1. Launch designer and click on Zoom in the video source stepper.
  2. Click the pencil icon.
  3. Enter the new username and click the checkmark icon.
  4. An email will be sent within 8 business hours upon approval.

Adding Zoom videos to PlayPosit

The PlayPosit integration with Zoom allows institutional partners to add interactivity and accountability to all hosted video content. Once the integration is completed by the administrator, instructors/designers can pull Zoom cloud recordings following the steps below: 

1. Navigate to the PlayPosit dashboard and click Add New Bulb.

2. Select Zoom to access your library of cloud recordings.

  • Note: If the Zoom button is not available to you, this means your institution has not purchased the Zoom integration or it has not yet been set up by your administrator.

3. Select the Month of the recording you would like to use. 

  • Note: Certain Zoom configurations may only support storing cloud recordings from the last 6 months.

4. Select the recording you would like to use in PlayPosit and start building your Bulb

  • Note: If during the Zoom recording there was a screen share or a webcam on, you can select either option. 

Note: The settings gear in the player or designer will show duplicate sets of captions until a Zoom video is deleted according to Zoom retention policy. We will be updating this article if this setting is changed in the near future. Currently both caption options will work identically.

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