Troubleshooting Bulb Playback

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Learn how to troubleshoot common problems when playing a bulb.

  1. YouTube
  2. Private Content Hosts


If your students seem to have trouble playing your bulbs built with YouTube videos, you should check the following known issues:

Playback on other Websites has been disabled by the video owner

This error can occur for a variety of reasons, including the video owner disabling embedding of the video on other sites. If you happen to own the video, you can follow these instructions to enable embedding on other sites. Otherwise, you might want to try finding a copy of the video on YouTube or other sites.

All streams for this bulb segment failed to load

This error can happen when your school's district has blocked YouTube. School districts may in some cases only block YouTube on student accounts, such as when students are logging in with Google SSO. Please check with your admin to see whether or not this is the case. If you own the video, you might be able to upload it to Vimeo or directly to PlayPosit, depending on your account type.

This error can also happen when the original YouTube video has been deleted, or when the link to the YouTube video has expired. Please try checking the original YouTube video, or message if you need help recovering the original YouTube link.

Bulb playback fails in the middle of the video

Occasionally, a YouTube video might have ads in the middle of the video, causing the bulb playback to fail. If you own the video, try following these instructions to remove ads from this video. Otherwise, if possible, try to find a copy of this video without ads, either on YouTube, Vimeo, or another video host.

Private content hosts

This section applies to videos hosted by private video hosts like Kaltura, MediaSite, etc.

Captions don't appear when I select them in the player

Certain video hosts will convert caption files to a format known as DFXP, which the PlayPosit player does not currently support. We recommend that if you have access to the caption file, you should convert it to a .vtt or .srt file and upload it in the Designer using these instructions.