Troubleshooting Bulb Playback

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  • Video is loading slowly
  • Video is blocked
  • Video streams failed to load
  • I am seeing ads in my video
  • Bulb playback fails in the middle of a video
  • Captions don't appear when I select them in the player
  • Unauthorized preview
  • Video is loading slowly

    Player error: a spinning circle that does not resolve.

    1. If your video is loading slowly, the video file may be a large file and/or you may be on a slow connection. 
      • Students: try switching your wi-fi network to a faster network, or letting the PlayPosit player load. 
      • Teachers: try transcoding and re-uploading your video to PlayPosit, YouTube, or Vimeo. Contact if you need extra assistance.
    2. If your video plays, but then freezes or hangs, then the video might be corrupted.
      1. Students: please contact your instructor and/or
      2. Instructors: You may need to transcode or re-upload your video to PlayPosit, YouTube, or Vimeo. Contact if you need extra assistance.

    Video is blocked

    Player error: "Youtube content has been blocked."

    1. If you see this error message, then the PlayPosit player is unable to load content from YouTube on your current network. In some cases, your school district may actually block YouTube for all devices, or only for school-issued student devices.
      • Students: please contact your instructor.
      • Teachers: If you own the video, you might be able to upload it to Vimeo or directly to PlayPosit, depending on your account type.

    Video streams failed to load

    Player error: "Video streams failed to load."

    1. YouTube video may be private
      1. Teachers: Try accessing the original Youtube video URL in an incognito browser window. If the video is private, then you will not be able to play it.If you own the video, try setting the video to either unlisted or public.
    2. Vimeo video may be private
      1. Teachers: If you are the owner of the video, you can change the privacy settings of your Vimeo video and adding * as a trusted domain.
    3. YouTube video may be blocked from being embedded on other sites
      1. Teachers: If you happen to own the video, you can follow these instructions to enable embedding on other sites. Otherwise, you will want to try finding a copy of the video on YouTube or other sites.
    4. Video may be removed or deleted.
      1. Teachers: try accessing the original Youtube video. If you do not have it, please reach out to If the video fails to play on YouTube, then you will need to re-link or re-upload the video to YouTube, Video, or PlayPosit, and change the video source.
    5. Video may be copyright-protected - in this case, the video will play back without issues on YouTube, but will fail to play back on third-party websites like PlayPosit.
      1. Teachers: If you own the video, then you may need to change your YouTube settings or upload the video file to PlayPosit, if your account allows uploading video. 

    I am seeing ads in my video

    We do everything we're allowed to do within YouTube's terms to minimize ads. As an educational company, YouTube allow us to disable pre-roll ads (commercials) and disable recommended videos post-roll (special request). If the YouTube video author has enabled overlay ads, they cannot be disabled by us. If there's a specific YouTube video with ads you'd like us to test, our team can generate a side-by-side comparison.

    Bulb playback fails in the middle of a video

    Occasionally, a YouTube video might have ads in the middle of the video, causing the bulb playback to fail. If you own the video, try following these instructions to remove ads from your videos. Otherwise, if possible, try to find a copy of this video without ads, either on YouTube, Vimeo, or another video host.

    Captions don't appear when I select them in the player

    Certain video hosts will convert caption files to a format known as DFXP, which the PlayPosit player does not currently support. We recommend that if you have access to the caption file, you should convert it to a .vtt or .srt file and upload it in the Designer using these instructions.

    Unauthorized preview

    This error can occur if you are clicking on a share link sent to you and PlayPosit is recognizing you as a student. Here are some things you can try to circumvent this:

    1. Log out of your PlayPosit account, clear your cache, and then try accessing the link. I
    2. Copy and paste the link into an incognito window
    3. Try using a different web browser.

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