Peer review for learners with an LMS

  • Learners must be part of an institutional license.
  • The institutional license must include peer review and an LMS integration.
  • Learners need to have accessed a PlayPosit bulb within the same course/class before participating in a Peer review assignment.

In this article

  1. Terminology
  2. The learner experience
  3. Upload a video
  4. Review peer submissions
  5. View submission feedback


This section outlines important terminology and definitions of the items that will be referenced throughout the help article. Peer review assignments are customizable and allow for several optional features.


Rubric - A customizable scoring tool that lists the criteria by which a peer review submission may be graded, primarily used to structure the way learners give each other feedback. If a peer review assignment has a rubric, then learners will fill out the required criterion to submit feedback on their peers' submissions  and participate in a discussion forum. Instructors will also fill out rubrics to assign final grades to learner submissions.

Note: Rubrics are optional. In the case that an instructor has opted to implement a rubric, it will be automatically attached to the videos that learners upload to PlayPosit.

Note: If a peer review assignment does not have a rubric, learners will only be required to upload a submission and participate in the discussion forum. The instructor will manually assign a point value to learner submissions.

Criterion - A rubric element representing a principle or standard by which to evaluate a learner's peer review submission. Instructors will assign a point value to each criterion ranging from 1-5 points. Each criterion will include a section for learners to provide peers with additional feedback to explain why they received the point value.

Note: Only available when assigning a peer review assignment with a Rubric. 


Section - An optional organizational tool for rubrics that is used to delineate one category of criteria from another.

The learner experience

Peer review with PlayPosit involves two steps:

  1. Upload a video that fulfills the criteria set by the instructor.
  2. Watch the videos for each member of the peer group or class and provide feedback. Feedback may include a rubric or only time-stamped commenting.

Upload a video

  1. Launch the PlayPosit assignment from the learning management system (LMS). On the peer review launch screen, click Start to open the designer and start the peer review assignment.

  2. Select a video source to upload or add a video from a video source. To crop the video, please refer to this help article
    1. Upload Video/Record Video directly using PlayPosit - Please note that the institution may not have purchased hosting minutes with PlayPosit and direct upload may be disabled. Contact the instructor for questions regarding direct video uploading and recording using PlayPosit.
    2. Other video sources - Learners can access any video host that the institutional license includes. However, the easiest approach is for learners to host videos on YouTube or Vimeo and to add their content via the Input URL option. Click here to learn more about specific video hosts.
    Note: If the instructor disabled the ability to use private video hosts, the only options that will be enabled are YouTube and Vimeo.
  3. After the video is uploaded, select the Review tab. Click Submit to finalize the bulb and submit for review by peers.

    Note: If you edit the title or upload a new thumbnail, click on Save Changes then Submit.

  4. When the assignment is submitted, a confirmation screen will appear to confirm the submission. 

When the learner returns to the Peer Review assignment, there will be additional options:

  1. Preview Bulb - Review the video submission as peers will view it, with a discussion forum and grading rubric, if the instructor included a rubric.
  2. Give Feedback - Display the learners in the group or class that will need to be reviewed to complete the assignment.
  3. View Feedback - View feedback that peers have left on the submitted video.
  4. Instructor Feedback - View instructor's final score and comments on the submission.
  5. Refresh Data - Update the most recent data for the peer review assignment.

Review peer submissions

To review peer submissions, follow these three steps:

  • Watch the peer's video to the very end.
  • Make comments in the discussion forum that will appear on the video. 
  • Fill out rubrics (if enabled by the instructor) to evaluate the video on various criteria on a numeric scale.

To leave feedback on a peer's submission:

  1. Select the Give Feedback tab and click the name of the learner who has submitted a bulb and is ready to be reviewed. Learner names will appear in blue and will be clickable on this tab when they have submitted their video for review.

  2. Watch the learner submitted bulb. Note: In order for the assignment to be marked complete, the video must be viewed until the end and at least one comment must be made on the discussion forum.

  3. If the instructor enabled a rubric, click on the rubric icon in the sidebar to open the rubric panel. Enter numeric values and leave comments/explanations for each criterion, then click Submit Rubric at the bottom of the panel.

    Note: At this time, feedback progress does not save until the entire rubric has been submitted. Do not close the tab until Submit is clicked to avoid losing progress.

  4. Once feedback has been submitted, the peer review launch screen will be updated to reflect which videos have been completed and which videos still need to be completed. Click Refresh Data at the bottom of the table to view the most up to date progress.

    Repeat these steps for each person in the group or class.

View submission feedback

View feedback from peers

1. Select the View Feedback tab to view all feedback submitted by peers. If the instructor has configured the peer review assignment to anonymize submissions, the names of the other members of the group will appear as “Learner <numeric string>.”

2. If grading rubrics are enabled, click the  rubric icon to view the completed rubrics.

If rubrics are not enabled the rubic icon will not appear in the student view. 

3. Click the  discussion icon to view the time-stamped comments.

View feedback from the instructor

1. To view the final score given by the instructor, click on the Instructor Feedback tab. In some cases, the instructor may have enabled complete/incomplete grading. This will automatically update the score to 100% when all required portions of the assignment are complete. However, the instructor may update this score to reflect a point value less than 100%  at any time.

2. If a grading rubric is enabled, click the  rubric icon to view the instructor's specific grading breakdown and comments.

Note: If the instructor has toggled on Enable complete/incomplete grading, click on Preview Submission to view the instructor's feedback. 

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