Peer review for learners with an LMS

  • Learners must be updated to PlayPosit 3.0 
  • Learners must be part of an institutional license
  • The institutional license must include peer review and an integration with Canvas

In this article

  1. The student's experience
    1. Uploading a video
    2. Reviewing a peer's submission
    3. Viewing feedback on your submission

The student's experience

Peer review with PlayPosit involves two steps:

  1. Uploading a video of yourself that fulfills the criteria set by your instructor.
  2. Watching the videos for each member of your peer group or class, and providing feedback.

Uploading a video

  1. Launch your PlayPosit assignment from Canvas. You should see a grey screen with some text and a blue button. Click Create Bulb to launch the designer and start your peer review assignment.
  2. You have a number of video sources available to you, but we recommend clicking one of the buttons labeled Upload Video, YouTube, or Vimeo. Those three will always be available to you, regardless of whatever your institution has configured. If you'd like to trim down your video or add internal crops, please refer to this help article.
  3. Finally, when you're done editing your submission, select the Review tab. Here, you can change your video's thumbnail, preview your bulb as it will appear to your reviewers, and submit it for review by your peers and instructor.
  4. After submitting, you will see a blue screen telling you to close the tab and return to your LMS.

The next time you launch your Canvas assignment, you will see more options on your grey screen:

  1. Preview Bulb - lets you watch your video submission as your peers will be able to see it, with a discussion forum and grading rubric attached, if your instructor configured it that way.
  2. Give Feedback - shows the students in your group or class whom you will need to review in order for this assignment to be completed. 
  3. View Feedback - lets you see the feedback that your peers have left on your submitted video.
  4. Instructor Feedback - lets you see your instructor's final score and comments on your submission
  5. Refresh Data - fetches the most recent data for your peer review assignment

Reviewing a peer's submission

Reviewing your peer's submission will always require you to:

  • Watch your peer's video to the very end
  • Make comments in the discussion forum that is attached to the video. 
  • (If enabled) fill out grading rubrics for your peer, asking you to evaluate their videos on various criteria on a numeric scale.

To leave feedback on a peer's submission:

  1. Select the Give Feedback tab and click the name of the student who has submitted a bulb and is ready to be reviewed. Student names usually appear in blue on this tab when the student has finished submitting a video for review.
  2. You will be taken to the player where you can view this student's bulb. Be sure to watch to the very end and participate in the discussion forum at least once! This particular peer review will not be marked complete without those two conditions being met.
  3. Finally, if your instructor has configured your assignment to include a  rubric, click on the rubric icon in the player sidebar to open the rubric panel. Be sure to enter numeric values and leave comments/explanations for each criteria, and then click Submit at the bottom of the panel.
    Note: If you exit this tab before submitting this rubric, all of your work will be erased. Please make sure to click Submit on the rubric before closing the tab.
  4. When you return to Canvas, you may notice that your grey screen has updated to reflect your most recent review. If not, click Refresh Data at the bottom of the table.Repeat these steps for each person in your group or class.

Viewing feedback on your submission

From peers

Select the View Feedback tab to see what your peers have said about your submission. If your Instructor enabled grading rubrics for your peer review assignment, you can click on the rubric icon to view the completed rubrics that your peers have filled out.

Otherwise, you can click the discussion icon to see the specific time-stamped comments that your peers have made while watching your video.

From your instructor

To view your final score, which is given by your instructor, click on the Instructor Feedback tab. In some cases, your instructor may have enabled complete/incomplete grading, which would cause your score upon submission of your video to be 100% right away. However, your instructor may update this score at any time.

If your instructor has enabled a grading rubric on this assignment, you can click on the rubric icon to view your instructor's specific grading breakdown and comments.

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