Building bulbs with dual stream content using Kaltura

  • This article only applies to some institutional users with Kaltura integration access.
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In this article

  • How to fetch dual stream content
  • How to edit dual stream content
  • How to fetch dual stream content

    Please note that the PlayPosit designer currently only supports fetching dual-stream from Kaltura.

    1. From the Video Segments tab of the Designer, click Add Video.
    2. Select the video host where your dual-stream content is stored.
    3. Search for the dual streaming content you need to add to the bulb.
    4. Select content that includes this icon next to the media to signify that it is dual-streaming content.
    5. To add the dual stream content as is, ensure that the checkbox labeled "Include this video's secondary stream" at the bottom of the window and then click Done.

    6. To swap the primary video stream with the secondary stream, click on Swap Video Streams.

    7. To preview your dual stream content, click the Review tab and then click Preview.

    A preview of your bulb will open in a new tab, showing you your dual stream content. If you set your content to appear in the sidebar, then the secondary stream will display in the sidebar. Otherwise, your secondary stream will appear as a video overlay over the primary stream.

    1. Audio will only play for the primary stream in your bulb, and captions will only display if fetched or uploaded to the primary stream.
    2. When using Kaltura as the video host, the captions of the secondary stream will also be fetched to the bulb. Learners can view the captions by clicking the captions icon on the right side of the secondary stream.

    How to edit dual stream content

    To swap the primary video stream with the secondary stream, click on the pencil icon next to the video and select Swap Video Streams.

     Click on Swap to confirm the switch of the primary and secondary streams. 

    Alternatively,  switching videos streams can be done in the Secondary Streams tab. Click on the triple dot menu and select Swap Video Streams

    Refer to this help article for more information on editing dual stream content.

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