System Requirements

  • Chrome version 80 and Safari version 13 have changed the way they handle third party cookies. Your experience with PlayPosit may be affected as a result. Read specific recommendations below for Chrome 80 or Safari 13.

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Below are the system requirements for optimal use in PlayPosit for designing bulbs and completing assignments. 

  1. Internet connection
  2. Web browser recommendation
  3. iPad and Android tablet compatibility
  4. iPhone and Android phone compatibility

Internet connection

It is recommended to have 10 Mbps or higher for ideal streaming. A slower connection speed may cause the bulb to not perform as intended. To test your internet speed, click here.  

Web browser recommendation 

The best browser to use with PlayPosit is the latest released version of Google Chrome. Click here to download the latest version. PlayPosit also works well with Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Please make sure to enable third party cookies in your web browser for the most fully-featured experience.

Enable third-party cookies in:

Chrome version 80

Chrome version 80 (scheduled to be released in February 2020) will introduce changes around the default "SameSite" cookies policy, i.e. under which circumstances the browser sends 3rd party cookies. For more detailed information, see PlayPosit has configured the platform to function properly with this update. 

In certain cases, when trying to create or access an assignment within your Learning Management System (LMS), you may encounter an error message stating "Oops! It seems your browser is not allowing us to set cookies. Please click on the button below to continue in a new tab." 

If you encounter the above error message, try the following:

  • If you encounter this error message while using Chrome version 80 in incognito mode, make sure to toggle third party cookies on when first opening an incognito window. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.
  • If you are still experiencing issues on Chrome version 80 or above, please contact

iPad and Android tablet compatibility

PlayPosit is a web-based tool with no current Android or iOS app. Anyone can build or view bulbs through the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari. PlayPosit is optimized for viewing content on both iPad and Android tablets. For the best experience when building bulbs, please access PlayPosit through a computer or laptop. 

iPhone and Android phone compatibility

PlayPosit is optimized for viewing content on any mobile device. Learners are able to access PlayPosit assignments through LMS applications such as Canvas. For more information on how to access PlayPosit assignments in the Canvas mobile app, click here.

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