Assigning a Bulb (without an LMS)


  • This article only applies to users assigning Bulbs outside of an LMS. If you're using an LMS and you're part of an institutional license, then click here for specific tutorials for your LMS.

In this article

  1. How to assign a Bulb to learners
  2. How to unassign a Bulb

How to assign a Bulb to learners

Assigning a Bulb to learners will save learner responses and data in the PlayPosit class to show engagement with the Bulb content.

  1. Create a class by going to Classes, clicking Add New Class, and filling in the class name.
  2. Add learners to your class by following these instructions.
  3. Next, go to My Bulbs, click the Bulb thumbnail or the triple dots icon next to the specific Bulb and select Assign
  4. Set a due date and then click Link
    Note: Learners can still access the Bulb after the set due date.

  5. The default link will require learners to sign in to PlayPosit. If your learners are not already enrolled in your class, they will be automatically added to it.
  6. Click Copy if the default options are sufficient. 
  7. To make other changes, click Advanced Settings. Then select the preferred toggles and click Copy. 
  • Show Embed Code: This gives HTML code you can use to embed the Bulb on another site.
  • Assign for professional learning: Users will need to log in to their PlayPosit instructor accounts to access this bulb. The learner’s progress and grade will be saved.
  • Assign any login - Instructor or Learner:  Users will need to log in to either a PlayPosit instructor account or a PlayPosit student account to access this bulb. The learner’s progress and grade will be saved.
  • Do not require login: Learners will enter their first and last names when taking the bulb. The learner’s grade will be saved with the name they entered. Learners might lose their progress if they switch devices or clear the browser cache while taking the bulb.
  • Do not require learner name: The learner’s progress and grades will be saved as an anonymous learner.
  • QR code - A QR code will be generated and shown on screen to share with learners. This QR code will change dynamically depending on what option toggles have been selected for the assignment. Click the image to copy the QR code into your clipboard for sharing. 

How to unassign a Bulb

Unassign a Bulb to learners when the assignment is complete and you would not like to continue collecting data.

  1. Select the Bulb you would like to unassign and then click Assign
  2. Click the X next to the due date to remove the due date. This will also remove the Bulb from the learner's dashboard and data will no longer be collected for that Bulb.

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