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  • This article only applies to users who are embedding sites in a web embed interaction in the PlayPosit designer.

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  • How to embed a site in a PlayPosit bulb
  • What sites can I embed?
  • How to embed a Google Doc
  • How to embed a YouTube video
  • How to embed a site in a PlayPosit bulb

    Follow these steps to embed a site in a PlayPosit bulb.

    1. Click Add New Bulb in the My Bulbs tab. 
    2. In the designer, add a video to the bulb, then click the Interactions tab.
    3. Click Add an interaction at 00:00.
    4. Select Web Embed.
    5. Paste in the URL in the field labeled Paste an https:// website URL.
    6. Click Done.

    What sites can I embed?

    There are two criteria a website must fulfill in order for it to be successfully embedded in a PlayPosit bulb.

    1. It must be a secure site.
    2. It must be embeddable. Some sites specifically block themselves from being embedded. For example, when the website https://www.google.com/ is placed in a web embed interaction, the site may appear broken in the interaction preview. This means that site is not able to be embedded. 

    Note: Most secure sites have https:// at the beginning of the URL. In some browsers, like Safari, they don't display the https:// in the address field but show a locked padlock instead. So, sometimes, just because a site doesn't have https:// doesn't mean it does not support that secure protocol.

    Unsure about whether it's a secure page? Test it out in your browser. To test your link to confirm it's secure, you can either paste the link into a PlayPosit Bulb, or type " https://" in front of the URL in your browser and see it if works.

    One site that usually works in the PlayPosit web embed interaction type is Wikipedia, but other sites may not support embedding. Other sites require a bit of work to find a URL that supports embedding. Read below for tips on how to avoid a broken link in web embeds.

    Any time a site has a way to get an embed code, follow these steps:

    1. Find the embed code, which is often found under a "Share" or "Settings" button. For example, in Google Maps, click the triple line menu.

    Select Share or embed map.

    Click the  Embed a map tab then Copy HTML.

    2. Paste the code somewhere you can edit it, like a word document, notepad or in the address bar of another browser window. Only copy the part that starts at https://. We don't want the part that says "<iframe src=." Select and copy only the URL, not the information about width or height.

    3. Paste this URL into a Web Embed interaction in the PlayPosit designer to use this link in your bulb. 

    How to embed a Google Doc

    Note: A user must own the Google Doc they wish to embed.

    1. Open the Google Doc you wish to embed. 

    2. Click File then click Publish to Web.

    3. Select Embed and then click Publish.

    4. Copy the source URL in the window. Only copy the https:// portion of the URL like the sample below.

    4. Paste the URL into a Web Embed interaction.

    How to embed a YouTube video

    1. Open the YouTube video.

    2. Select Share.

    3. Click Embed.

    4. Copy just the https:// portion of the URL in this window.

    5. Paste the  URL into a Web Embed interaction. 

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