How to Link a Playlist in your Learning Management System (LMS)

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Learn how to create a playlist of bulbs in a course.

  1. How to link a playlist
  2. How to unlink/relink a playlist
  3. Complete a playlist as a student
  4. Monitoring a playlist
  5. Frequently asked questions

The following instructions assume that instructors are already familiar with the process of linking a bulb to an assignment within their respective Learning Management System (LMS). Please refer to this directory of articles for more specific instructions on how to launch PlayPosit within your LMS as necessary.

  1. After launching PlayPosit from your LMS, click the Playlists tab in sidebar of the dashboard.

  2. Click the LMS logo next to the playlist name or click the triple dots menu and then click Link Playlist.
  3. Note: This example is using PlayPosit through Canvas but each LMS will show the respective LMS's logo.

    Click the Link button in the modal that pops up.

  4. You can now save the assignment in your LMS (if needed). Upon future launch of the playlist, you should see a grey screen informing you that this playlist has been linked to this course. 
  1. To unlink a playlist, navigate to the PlayPosit dashboard click on the Playlist tab in the sidebar. 

  2. Click either the LMS logo or triple dots menu next to the playlist that needs to be unlinked. Then click Unlink Playlist.

  3. Click the Unlink button in the modal dialog that appears. You can now save the assignment (if required)
  4. The next time you launch this assignment, you should see a grey screen informing you that this playlist has been successfully unlinked. You are now safe to delete whatever assignment was linked to the playlist in your LMS. Alternatively, to re-link the same playlist, click the Re-Link button.

Complete a playlist as a student

Click here for information on completing a playlist as student.

Monitoring a playlist

To monitor a playlist in LTI open the assignment with a PlayPosit tool linked to a Playlist. Then click the Monitor button.

Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting


I launched a bulb in playlist, but it's showing that it's already completed.

  • The bulb may be linked to another assignment in PlayPosit. Ask the instructor to unlink the bulb from the other assignment in the PlayPosit tool and reset your attempt on the bulb.

Why isn't my grade exporting for a bulb that is linked to an assignment, but is also part of a playlist?

  • A bulb currently can be graded in a playlist but only if it is not part of another class. Ask the instructor to remove the bulb from the assignment in the PlayPosit tool. 

Why can't I export a certificate of completion?

  • A student can only export a certificate of completion after a playlist has been completed or if a school has access to this functionality. Complete the playlist to activate the print certificate button.


I clicked Monitor, but I see a lot more bulbs in the gradebook than are in the playlist.

  • Clicking Monitor will take you to the full class gradebook, as there is not currently a playlist-specific gradebook. Since a class can be assigned more bulbs than are contained in a playlist, the class gradebook may show more bulbs than are assigned to the playlist.
  • The class gradebook will display all bulbs that are assigned to that class. In cases where bulbs are assigned outside of playlists or in additional playlists, the class gradebook will display more bulbs than are in a given playlist.

Why am I not seeing the full dashboard or able to click into the sidebar?

  • Clicking Monitor will open a modified view of the gradebook that doesn't permit users to click around the dashboard. If you want to access the dashboard, first launch and LMS assignment and then click on Enter PlayPosit at the bottom of the grey screen

Why aren't grades exporting for the bulbs in the playlist?

  • At this time, grades cannot be exported for bulbs in a playlist. If grades need to be exported for a bulb, remove the bulb from a playlist and link it to a standard assignment in your LMS instead.

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