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  • Parts of this feature are only available for institutional clients. If interested in this feature, reach out to the Account Manager or

In this article

A guide to navigating the different features of the activity feed.

  1. Access the activity feed
  2. Types of notifications in the activity feed
  3. Notification filters
  4. Playposit updates
  5. Activity feed settings

Access the activity feed

The Activity Feed offers instructors up-to-date notifications on learner bulb activities and PlayPosit updates.

  1. Select Activity Feed from the sidebar menu.

  2. A slide out will appear on the right that displays the activity feed and any PlayPosit updates.

Types of notifications in the activity feed

For all institutional clients, the activity feed will display all learner progress notifications such as when a learner has completed a bulb or if an interaction needs to be graded. There are three different clickable learner notification categories.

    1. Bulb completed: indicates a learner has completed a bulb that was assigned to a class that the instructor either owns, co-teaches, or facilitates. Click on this notification to be taken to the grade book for that bulb.
    2. Grading needed: indicates a learner has submitted an attempt for a manually-graded interaction that the instructor needs to grade. Click on this notification to be taken to the grade book for that bulb.
    3. New discussion post: indicates a learner has submitted a comment in a discussion forum that the instructor either needs to view or reply to. Click on this notification to be taken to the instructor preview mode for that bulb. The instructor will then need to access the specific discussion interaction within that bulb by either navigating along the timeline or clicking the corresponding entry in the review sheet.
    4. Note: By default, when a learner submits a comment to a discussion forum that is worth points, they will automatically receive full credit. If a discussion forum is set to manually graded instead, there will be a Grading needed notification instead of a New discussion post notification. Click here for more information on manually graded discussion forums. 

    5. Video status notifications: For some institutions, instructors will see video status notifications.  Video status notifications will display the progress of video uploads. Clicking on a video upload status notification where the video upload is ready will launch the video in a new Designer tab. The notifications will not apply to learners who upload videos on the PlayPosit platform. 
      Note: This type of notification will only appear for specific instructors and institutions depending on the type of hosting they are using through PlayPosit.

Notification filters

Instructors can apply filters to notification types or date range to help them organize the notifications. Please follow the steps below to apply filters.

Filter by notification types:

  1. Select Filter by notification type on the top.
  2. Select the notification types by clicking the check box from the dropdown menu.

Filter by Date range:

  1. Select Filter by date range on the top.
  2. Select the start date and end date on the calendar.

  3. Click the refresh button to reset the date range.

PlayPosit updates

Select the PlayPosit Updates tab to learn more about recent updates to the platform. 

Activity feed settings

The Settings tab is coming soon! This tab will display customization options to select which notifications will display. 

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