New Google Classroom Integration

  • This article applies only to instructors with existing Google Classroom accounts. If you're looking to integrate your LMS with PlayPosit, please view one of these help articles.

In this article:

  1. Import Google Classroom roster
  2. Assign a Bulb
  3. Assign a playlist
  4. Learner experience
  5. Sync grades
  6. Monitor learner data

Import Google Classroom roster

Note: If a learner is added to the Google Classroom roster after the class has been imported, the learner will automatically be added to the roster when the learner clicks a PlayPosit assignment in Google Classroom. 

  1. Select Classes from the left sidebar menu.

  2. Click the drop-down menu under Add New Class and select Import from Google Classroom.

  3. A pop-up window will appear, select the correct Google account and sign in. Note: This will not appear if already signed into Google.

  4. Select Allow for all permissions to import learners and classes into PlayPosit and grades to be synced.

  5. Click Import next to the class.

  6. Once the class is imported, it will appear under Classes in PlayPosit, and learners will appear under the Learner tab.


Assign a Bulb

  1. Choose a Bulb from the Bulb library, click the Bulb thumbnail or triple dot menu, and select Assign.

  2. Under the class with the Google icon, choose a due date and click OK.

  3. Select Link.

  4. Click Share to Classroom.

  5. Edit the Title, determine Max Points, and Due Time. Click Create Assignment to assign the Bulb to the class.

  6. Select Launch Google Classroom to view the assignment. 

Note: Professional development type bulbs can be assigned to Google Classroom following the flow above.

Assign a playlist

  1. Navigate to the playlists page, click on the playlist icon in front of the desired playlist, and select Assign.

  2. Select the class linked with Google Classroom, set a due date, and click OK

  3. Select Link.

  4. Click Share to classroom.

  5. Edit the  Title, determine Max Points, and Due Time. Click Create Assignment to assign the playlist to the class.

  6. Select Launch Google Classroom to view the assignment.

Learner experience

When accessing PlayPosit for the first time, learners will need to select to Allow Google Classroom permissions.

To learn more about the learner experience, click here

Sync grades

Note: This feature is only available for institutional clients.

If the Bulb assigned only includes auto-graded questions (multiple choice, check-all-that-apply, fill-in-the-blank), then grades will be automatically exported into the Google Gradebook. For a more detailed description of syncing grades, click here

Note: Google Classroom only accepts point values out of 100 and rounds up to the nearest whole number. For example, if a Bulb is worth 8 points and a learner receives 5 points, then their score will appear in Google classroom as 63 instead of 62.5.

When free-response questions are graded or auto-graded questions are edited, these changes will need to be synced with Google Gradebook. To do this:

Navigate to  Classes

Select the class to monitor data. 

Select the Bulb and click  Monitor.

View and score learner data and track progress. For more information on how to manually grade interactions, click here

Once interactions that needed to be graded are complete and ready to sync to Google Classroom, select Sync Grades

Monitor learner data

In PlayPosit, navigate to Classes

Select the class to monitor data for. 

Select the bulb and click Monitor. For more information on monitoring the analytics, click here

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