Monitoring Bulbs in PlayPosit 3.0

  • Note: This article only applies to PlayPosit 3.0 users.
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View detailed analytics for student responses and manually grade interactions.

  1. How to access the:
  2. Manually grade interactions
  3. Download CSV of student responses
  4. Troubleshooting

The PlayPosit gradebook gives teachers the ability to manually grade interactions, reset student bulb attempts, and see advanced analytics for overall student engagement. Please watch the above screencast for a quick walkthrough of the gradebook.

How to access the:

Class overview

Click Classes and then click the Gradebook icon.

This will take you to a general view of gradebook with the learners in the class making up the left-most column, and the bulbs assigned to this class:

Clicking any of the cells with scores in them will cause a popover to appear, containing information on that student's bulb attempt. 

You can also click View Interactions to see the bulb overview gradebook.

Bulb overview

The bulb overview provides a question-by-question breakdown of all student responses to each question. as well as gives teachers the ability to manually grade certain interactions. To get here from the previous screen shot, click any of the bulb titles in the column headers, or click View Interactions in any of the score popovers. 

On this page, you can see at a glance which learners have completed the bulb, which learners are still in-progress, and which learners have not yet started the bulb. 

You can also download .csv reports for all bulb attempts by clicking on Data Export at the bottom of the page. The .csv file contains more advanced analytics such as time spent on a particular interaction and the exact timestamp that an interaction was completed.

Finally, if you need a reminder of what a particular question was asking, you can click on the interaction icon in the column header, and then select Interaction Data from the dropdown.

This will open a dialog with the interaction's text for your reference.

Learner view

The Learner view shows a single learner's responses for a bulb. You can navigate to this view from the Bulb Overview by clicking on a learner's name and then clicking on View Learner Attempt.

Once in the Learner View, you can refresh your memory of what an interaction was asking by clicking on the interaction icon or on the learner's response. Otherwise, click Enter Grade Mode to manually grade this learner's attempt.

When you're done selecting the desired point value for each interaction, you can click Exit Grade Mode to save your progress.

Interaction view

The Interaction view shows all learner responses for a single interaction. You can navigate to it by clicking on the interaction's icon in the column header and then click Grade All.

This will launch you directly into Grade Mode where you can see all the responses submitted for this interaction and set a point value.

Manually grade interactions

If your bulb has a free-response question which must be manually graded in order for your learners to receive a final score, there are two ways for you to assign these grades:

  1. Click the free-response question which needs to be graded (it will always be highlighted in yellow) to bring up a dialog menu. You can then click any of the point values to assign that score to the question.
  2. Otherwise, to grade all of them at once, you can click on the interaction icon in the column header, and then select Grade All from the dropdown menu
  3. This will launch you directly into Grade Mode where you can see all the responses submitted for this interaction and set a point value.

Download student grades

You can download a csv in each gradebook view by looking for a Data Export button at the bottom-left corner of the page. This csv contains more specific information on your class's bulb attempts, such as the exact timestamp when an interaction was completed, or the amount of time spent on an


Why is a learner's bulb attempt not marked complete even though all interactions have been answered?

Bulb attempts won't be marked complete unless a student has watched to the end of the video as well as answered all interactions.

Why doesn't my LMS gradebook match my PlayPosit gradebook?

You may need to sync grades from PlayPosit in order to "push" the most recent grades to your LMS. When a student completes a bulb, the Player will automatically sync their grade at that moment to their LMS's gradebook. 

Why do my students see that they received a lower score than expected, or even 0% in their LMS gradebook?

This is probably because your bulb contains a free-response question, and all responses must be manually graded. Once you have done so, click Sync Grades to "push" the most recent grades to your LMS.

How can I tell if a student has started?

If you look at the gradebook within the Bulb Overview, each student's Status column will have one of the following: "Not Started," "In Progress," or "Complete." If the status is "Not Started," this means that the student has not ever launched the bulb. If the status is "In Progress," this means that the student has launched the bulb at least once, but hasn't completed the bulb. Status will only read "Complete" when the student has answered every interaction in a bulb and has watched all the way to the end of the bulb.

Why is my student's score is showing up as something different than what it should be?

This often happens when you assign a bulb, students take the bulb, and then you return to the Designer and edit the point value of any of the interactions. This can cause scores to show up as less than 100%, even when a student has earned full points on all the interactions in a bulb, or for scores to even appear as greater than 100%. We recommend that you not edit the bulb after assigning it to a class in order to avoid this scenario.