Monitoring Bulbs in PlayPosit 3.0


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View detailed analytics for learner responses and manually grade interactions.

  1. How to access the:
  2. Bulb Analytics
  3. Manually grade interactions
  4. Syncing Grades
  5. View learner notes
  6. Download CSV of learner responses
  7. Export worksheets
  8. Export learner attempt
  9. Reset learner attempt
  10. Filter gradebook results
  11. Show point values for responses
  12. Sort interaction data
  13. Troubleshooting

The PlayPosit gradebook gives instructors the ability to manually grade interactions, reset learner Bulb attempts, and see advanced analytics for overall learner engagement. Please watch the above screencast for a quick walkthrough of the gradebook.

How to access the:

Learner overview

Click Classes on the sidebar menu, and click on the learner icon.

This will open the Learner Overview page. Instructors can find the following information on this page:

  1. How many times each learner has attempted Bulbs in this class.
  2. The time duration each learner spent on taking Bulbs in this class. 

Class overview

Click Classes then click the Gradebook icon.

This will open a general view of gradebook with the learners in the class and the Bulbs assigned to this class.

Click any of the cells with scores in them to view a popover containing information on that learner's Bulb attempt. 

Click View Interactions to see the Bulb overview gradebook.

Bulb overview

The Bulb Overview allows instructors to monitor learners' responses to each interaction, view detailed analytics of their overall performance, and manually grade their responses.
There are two ways to access the Bulb Overview from the Class Overview page:
1. Click on the desired Bulb's title on the top.

2. Click on a learner response under the desired Bulb and select View Interaction.

Bulb overview can also be accessed from My Bulbs:

  1. Click My Bulbs.
  2. Click on the  Bulb Thumbnail or triple dots icon next to the Bulb that needs to be monitored.
  3. Select Monitor. This will open a list of all the classes associated with the account.
  4. Click the Monitor button next to the class that was assigned the Bulb.

Note: If the button to the right of the Monitor button is clicked, the Monitor page for the selected class will be opened in a new tab.

On this page, see at a glance which learners have completed the Bulb, which learners are still in progress, and which learners have not yet started the Bulb. 

  • If a learner has not attempted the Bulb yet, their score will appear as "-." If a learner's attempt is in progress, their score will appear as "-%." The score is not calculated until a learner has completed the entire Bulb. 
  • If retakes are enabled and a learner has had multiple attempts, there will be a * next to their score. To view all Bulb attempts, download the .csv file. Note: The most recent score is the one saved to the monitor page and exported to the gradebook for learning management systems, not the highest score. 
  • Download .csv reports for all Bulb attempts by clicking on Data Export at the bottom of the page. The .csv file contains more advanced analytics such as time spent on a particular interaction and the exact timestamp that an interaction was completed.
  • Click on the interaction icon in the column header, then select Interaction Data from the dropdown to see the interaction's text and possible responses. Click here to learn more about the interaction data menu 

Class Bulbs Overview

The Class Bulbs overview provides a list of all the Bulbs assigned to a class. Navigate to this view from the Class Overview by clicking on either the class name or the Bulbs button for the class that needs to be monitored.

The Bulb Overview for a specific Bulb can be accessed by clicking on the Bulb thumbnail or Triple dots icon, and then clicking on the Monitor button. Alternatively, click on the Monitor in a new tab button to open the Bulb Overview in a new tab.

Learner view

The Learner view shows a single learner's responses to a Bulb. Navigate to this view from the Bulb Overview by clicking on a learner's name then click on View Learner Attempt.

Once in the Learner View, click on the interaction icon or on the learner's response. Or click Enter Grade Mode to manually grade this learner's attempt.

Once the point value for each interaction is updated, click Exit Grade Mode to save progress.

Interaction view

The Interaction view shows all learner responses for a single interaction.

Click on the interaction's icon in the column header then click Grade All.

The gradebook will enter Grade Mode and display all the responses submitted for this interaction, where instructors can set point values.

View learner retries

View bulb retakes:

To view previous attempts on a Bulb follow the directions below: 

From the Bulb Overview page click Data Export

In the exported CSV, previous Bulb attempts will be shown in a new row with the status  Archived

The status of the new Bulb attempt will be shown as  Not started, In progress, or Complete in a new row. 

View Interaction retries:

To view interaction data from learner retries on an interaction, follow the directions below: 

  1. Click on the desired interaction icon on the monitor page, and select Grade all.

  2. On the interaction view page, those learners who have retried this interaction will have a * icon next to their points.
  3. To view learners' responses for each attempt, please click on the data export icon to export the interaction data to a CSV file.
  4. In the exported CSV, instructors can see learners' responses for each attempt. The previous attempts will be marked as Archived, and the last attempt will be marked as Active

View interaction data

To view the original interaction and graphs of the attempts on the interaction, click on the interaction icon in the column header, then select Interaction Data

Individual analytics graphs are available for multiple choice, check all, and polling survey interaction types. 

Move the cursor over the graphs to display the number of learners who selected each answer choice.

Bulb analytics

View a question-by-question breakdown of learner performance as well as average Bulb score and completion status.

  1. On the top left side of the Monitor page, select Bulb Analytics
  2. The top graph shows how the class performed on each question allowing the instructor to make data-driven instructional decisions.
  3. The bottom graph displays the Average Score of the bulb and the Completed Status to give the instructor an overview of the Bulb. The Bulb Completed Status will show the total percentage breakdown of learners who have completed the Bulb, who have not yet finished the Bulb, or who have not started the Bulb, indicated by color.

Manually grade interactions

If the Bulb has a free response interaction that is set to be manually graded, learners will receive their final scores after the instructor assigns points to the free response interaction. Please follow the steps below to grade the free response interaction manually.

Free response

  1. Click the free response question which needs to be graded (it will always be highlighted in yellow) to bring up a dialog menu. Click any of the point values to assign that score to the question.
  2. To grade all of them at once, click on the interaction icon in the column header, then select Grade All from the drop-down menu
  3. This will launch directly into Grade Mode where all the responses submitted for this interaction can be viewed and point values can be adjusted.
  4. When finished grading, click Save Grades.
  5. If using an LMS, click Sync Grades at the top of the Monitor page to export grades into the gradebook. 

Add feedback to free responses

Instructors can comment or leave feedback for learners on free response interactions. 

1. From the Bulb overview page, select the free response icon to leave feedback on. The interaction will appear yellow if it needs to be graded. Select a grade, leave feedback in the feedback box, then click Submit

Note: Instructors and co-instructors of a class can leave feedback on learner responses and will be notified when a comment is added. If the instructor has left feedback, a red dot will appear in the instructor view of the gradebook next to the free response interaction. The instructor can click on the interaction to view the feedback left by the co-instructor. The learner will see all feedback from instructors. 

2. To add feedback to all free response interactions at once, click on the interaction icon, then select Grade All

3. Select the feedback icon for each learner’s interaction. Leave feedback in the feedback box, then click Submit

Once a learner is notified by their instructor that grading is complete, learners can view feedback by accessing the Bulb again, view the printable report (if enabled by the instructor), or from the learner dashboard gradebook (for non-LMS users). Note: To allow learners to view their printable report, the instructor must enable this feature. Click here for directions.

For learner directions on how to access feedback in an LMS, click here.

For learner directions on how to access feedback without an LMS, click here

Discussion forum

To learn more about how to use a discussion forum, click here.

  1. Click the discussion question that needs to be graded to bring up a dialog menu. Click any of the point values to assign a score to the question.
  2. To grade all of them at once, click on the interaction icon in the column header, then select Grade All from the drop down menu.
  3. This will open Grade Mode where it is possible to see all the responses submitted for this interaction and set a point value.
  4. When finished grading, click Save Grades.
  5. If using an LMS, click Sync Grades at the top of the Monitor page to export grades into the gradebook. 

Syncing grades

Note: This feature is only available to institutional clients who use an LMS.

If a Bulb is assigned through an LMS with grading enabled, the Bulb score will automatically sync to the gradebook once the learner has completed the Bulb entirety. Learners will see this confirmation page that tells them their attempt has been completed and synced. 

Why sync grades?
  • Manually graded interactions: For free response and manually-graded discussion forums, click the Sync Grades button at the top of the monitor page after they have been graded. For more information on how to grade these interactions, click here
  • Syncing incomplete attempts: If a learner has an incomplete status on the monitor page and the instructor clicks the Sync Grades option, the learner's incomplete score will sync to the LMS gradebook. For example if a learner completes 2 out of 4 interactions and gets the 2 questions correct but does not answer the other 2 interactions, their score will sync as 50%. If a learner completes all interactions but does not watch the Bulb until the end, the instructor can click the Sync Grades option to sync their score. 
  • Syncing not started attempts: If a learner has a not started status on the monitor page and the instructor clicks the Sync Grades option, a score will not be synced to the gradebook. For a learner to receive a 0, manually update the gradebook in the LMS.
What is synced to the gradebook?
  • PlayPosit will convert the points the learner acquired from the bulb into the percentage format and send it to the LMS. The points will then be automatically converted into the grading format the instructor set in the LMS.
    For example, the bulb is worth 20 points, and the assignment is worth 10 points in the LMS. If the learner gets 10 points from the bulb, PlayPosit will convert it into 50% and send this information to the LMS, and then the LMS will transfer this information into 5 points and store it in the gradebook.
How to sync grades and check the status 
  1. After a Bulb has been linked, to sync grades, click Monitor on the grey screen to be taken to the Bulb gradebook. 
  2. At the top of the Bulb gradebook, click Sync Grades. A green notification will pop up to confirm that grades are being synced. Please note that larger classes will take longer to sync.
  3. If the instructor only wants to sync grades for some learners, please click on the checkbox in front of the learner's name, then click Sync Grades. Only the selected learners' grades will be updated to the LMS. If no learner is selected, all learners' grades will be synced to the LMS.

  4. To check the Sync Status, click the drop down arrow from the Sync Grades button and select Check Sync Status. 

For troubleshooting issues, click here

View learner notes

Easily view learners' personal notes and observations to assess the digestion of content. Learners can download notes and upload them into the LMS to alert the instructor to their completion. Easily access that person’s observations in line with the Bulb. For more information on how learners can take notes on a Bulb, see this help article.

  1. If starting in the LMS, click on the assignment title, then select Preview.
  1. If starting directly in PlayPosit, navigate to Classes and click on the name of the class to which the Bulb is assigned
  2. Click on the thumbnail or the triple dots icon next to the Bulb, then select Preview. 
  3. Click to play the Bulb. Then, pause the video. Select the sidebar icon and click Notes on the sidebar.
  4. While the Notes tab is active, click All Learners to filter specific learners, refresh to view live notes, download notes to a text file, and search for key words. 

Download learner grades

Download a CSV in each gradebook view by looking for a Data Export button at the top-right corner of the page. This csv contains more specific information on a class's Bulb attempts, such as the exact timestamp when an interaction was completed, or the amount of time spent on a Bulb.

Note: When grades are exported for a Bulb from the Admin Media Library, the Bulb Overview gradebook, or My Bulbs, the CSV will include a column for Autograde Correct/Incorrect. Interactions that have this functionality include:

  1. multiple choice
  2. check all
  3. fill in the blank
  4. discussion
  5. polling survey

For more information on creating interactions see the Building a Bulb article here

Export worksheets

PlayPosit supports exporting two different types of printable worksheets, blank and answered.

Export blank worksheets from the My Bulbs page by clicking on the triple dots menu next to any Bulb and select  Export Worksheet:

This will open a new tab where the worksheet can be saved as a PDF or printed out. Empty PDF worksheet exports will have no answers filled in so they can be completed by hand:

Export learner attempt

Answered worksheets can be exported from the gradebook by clicking on a learner's name and selecting Export Attempt:

  • Only institutional users can currently use Export Learner Attempt.

This will open a new tab where the worksheet can be saved as a PDF or printed out. Answered worksheets will have answers filled in so they can be graded or reviewed:

Reset learner attempt

There are two ways to reset a learner's attempt in the gradebook, which will allow the learner to retry a Bulb:

1. Click on the checkbox next to the learner's name then click Reset bulb attempt.

2. Click the learner's name then click Reset attempt

Filter gradebook results

In the gradebook, an instructor can filter the learner data shown by clicking on the Filter button. 

The Filter menu will pop up and display a drop-down menu with the available filters.

The available filters are:

  • All - Display all learner interaction data for the assigned bulb.
  • Completed - Only display learners who have completed bulb attempts on the bulb.
  • In Progress - Only display learners who are in progress to completing a bulb.
  • Not Started - Only display learners who have not started the bulb.

Once a drop down option is clicked, click the Filter button to filter the monitor page.

Note: To clear the filters on the monitor page click Clear Filters in the Filter menu to reset the monitor page. 

Or, clear the filters on the monitor page by clicking the ' x' in each filter's "chip" icon near the top left of the monitor page.

Show point values for responses

View the point values for interactions.

From the Filter dropdown menu, click the box next to Show point values for responses then select Filter

Point values for each interaction will appear in the top right corner for each interaction icon. 

Sort interaction data

Sort by alphabetical order for learner name or answer choice selected. Sort by completion or point value from greatest to least or least to greatest. Note: This is only available after selecting the Grade All view.

  1. In the gradebook, select an interaction, and click Grade All
  2. Select the top or bottom arrow to sort learner name, points, or answer. 

Note: Free response interactions can only be sorted by points earned. 


Why is a learner's Bulb attempt not marked complete even though all interactions have been answered?

Bulb attempts won't be marked complete unless a learner has watched to the end of the video as well as answered all interactions.

Why doesn't my LMS gradebook match my PlayPosit gradebook?

You may need to sync grades from PlayPosit in order to "push" the most recent grades to your LMS. When a learner completes a Bulb, the Player will automatically sync their grade at that moment to their LMS's gradebook. 

Can I manually mark a learner's Bulb attempt as complete so that grades will appear in my LMS gradebook?

Instructors are not able to manually mark a Bulb attempt as complete. However, if the Bulb is worth points, instructors can manually Sync Grades for all Bulb attempts marked as In Progress from the Bulb Overview gradebook. This will sync the learner's score at that time, i.e. points earned out of points available.

Why do my learners see that they received a lower score than expected, or even 0% in their LMS gradebook?

This is probably because your Bulb contains a free-response question, and all responses must be manually graded. Once you have done so, click Sync Grades to "push" the most recent grades to your LMS.

The learner may also have retried the Bulb, which archives the previous completed Bulb attempt, but never finished the Bulb or answered the questions. If the instructor then manually syncs the grade, PlayPosit syncs the learner's score at the time, i.e. points earned out of points available.

How can I tell if a learner has started?

If you look at the gradebook within the Bulb Overview, each learner's Status column will have one of the following: " Not Started," "In Progress," or "Complete." If the status is "Not Started," this means that the learner has not launched the Bulb. If the status is "In Progress," this means that the learner has launched the Bulb at least once, but has not completed the Bulb. The status will only read "Complete" when the learner has answered every interaction in a Bulb and has watched all the way to the end of the Bulb.

Why is my learner's score is showing up as something different than what it should be?

This often happens when you assign a Bulb, learners take the Bulb, then you return to the Designer and edit the point value of any of the interactions. This can cause scores to show up as less than 100%, even when a learner has earned full points on all the interactions in a Bulb, or for scores to even appear as greater than 100%. We recommend that you not edit the Bulb after assigning it to a class in order to avoid this scenario.

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