• The institution needs to have a Credly organizational account and link it with PlayPosit to enable this feature.
  • The learner needs to have a Credly account to receive badges.
  • To have this feature enabled please reach out to the Customer Success Manager or contact

In this article

  1. Link Credly to PlayPosit
  2. Set up Credly badges in playlists
  3. Receive Credly Badges

Note: Only admin-level accounts will be able to obtain the Authorization token.

  1. Log in to the institution’s Credly organizational account and click on the Developers tab on the left side.
  2. Click on Authorization Tokens, and share the Organization ID and Token with your Customer Success Manager. If there is no token, please click Add Token to generate a new token.

Set up badges in playlists

  1. On the playlist’s editing page, extend the Microcredential dropdown menu, and select Credly.

  2.  Use the Select Badge dropdown menu to select the desired badge, and click on the Add Badge button to add the chosen badge to this playlist.

Receive badges

  1. After learners complete a playlist, a Badge Earned button will appear at the bottom of the table of contents. Click on the button to receive the badges.

  2. There will be a popup message indicating which badge the learner has earned. Click on Accept Badge, and it will bring the learner to Credly’s site to view the badge.

  3. Click on Accept Badge to receive the badge.

  4. Credly will not re-issue the same badge to the same user. If learners have received the badge before, they will see the View Badge button instead of the accept badge on the popup message when they complete the playlist again.

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