How to Create a Playlist

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PlayPosit playlists are a collection of bulbs that allow individual instructors and organizations to host standalone interactive courses, build subsections of courses, deliver training, and more. Playlists are customizable and allow the creator to organize them via modules and locked progression. Additional enhancements include supplemental materials and digital credentials, including verifiable certificates and badges.

Learn how to create a playlist of bulbs using this help article.

  1. Playlists overview
  2. Best practices for setting up PlayPosit playlists
  3. Create a Playlist
  4. Assign a Playlist
  5. Copy a Playlist
  6. Previewing bulbs in a playlist through an LMS
  7. Generate a URL to share for professional development
  8. Generate an embed code for HTML pages
  9. Playlist certificates
  10. Completing a playlist as a student

Playlists overview

All playlists owned or facilitated by a user appear in the Playlists tab in the menu sidebar. Once in the Playlist dash, access the Playlists action menu by clicking the triple dots icon to the far right under actions.

The triple dot menu has the following actions:

  • Edit - Opens the Playlist Designer in a new tab.
  • Preview - Opens a learner preview of a playlist in a new tab.
  • Monitor - Opens a menu to select a class for which an instructor can monitor the playlist's gradebook in a new tab.
  • Assign - Opens a menu to assign a playlist to a class and provides the playlist assignment link.
  • Delete - Deletes a playlist.
Note: Only Playlists that are owned by the user will have all options available. If a user has the role of Facilitator or Co-Owner limited options will be shown instead.

PlayPosit signifies the different roles associated with a playlist using the following icons and permissions:

Owner -

(No icon shown)

Co-Owner - 

Facilitator -

Best practices for setting up PlayPosit playlists

Before creating a PlayPosit playlist, create a class and assign the bulbs that will be used in the playlist.   Note: The class displays data for all bulbs assigned in a Playlist.
  • For more information on how to create a class click here.
  • For more information on how to build a bulb click here.
  • For more information on how to assign a bulb to the class click here.

Create a playlist

Follow the instructions below to create and manage a playlist of bulbs. These instructions assume that all bulbs needed for the playlist have already been assigned to the appropriate class.

  1. In the left sidebar menu, select Classes and choose the class to which you wish to add a playlist.
  2. Select Manage Playlist to open the Playlist Designer in a new browser tab.
  3. Choose a title for the playlist and adjust the color of the course banner, if desired.
  4. Under Table of Contents, click Add Module, Click on the module(s) to adjust the name(s). 
    Note: Modules will appear as sections in the playlist. There can be one or more bulbs in each module or all bulbs in one module.  It is also possible to create a module that contains no bulbs, such as in a case where a module only contains attachments.
  5. Drag and drop the bulb(s) between modules. Drag and drop modules to rearrange them. 
  6. Note: Modules can only be deleted if they do not contain bulbs. Drag and drop the bulbs out of the module and into the "Items not currently in playlist" section or to a different module. Once there are no bulbs in a module click the trash can icon next to the module to delete it.
  7. Optional click the Resources input field to upload a resource to a playlist. Resources can include PDFs, Docs or Images. 
    1. Once the resource is added, drag and drop the resource to a playlist module to add it to the playlist.
  8. Choose the Course Settings.

  • Do not require login - learners will not have to log in to PlayPosit to complete the bulb.
    • Do not require learner name - learners will not need to enter their first and last name before they begin.
  • Lock progression - learners will not be able to advance to the next bulb without completing the bulb prior.
  • Request paywall - selecting this option will notify PlayPosit that this course needs to have a payment for access functionality. The process is not automatic and will require 1-2 business days to complete. Please note that clicking this button will result in someone from PlayPosit contacting you to request more information.

Note: Instructors who are logged into PlayPosit will not be able to access playlists toggled with "Do not require login" as learners. If an instructor is logged in and accesses the playlist link, they will see the option to copy/preview the playlist instead. To avoid this instructors should log out of their PlayPosit account (or click on before accessing the playlist link.

  1. To preview the playlist, disable Edit Mode. The designer will transition into a preview of the playlist.
  2. In Preview mode, select the triple line menu to view the Table of Contents.
  3. To return to the Designer, disable Preview Mode.

Assign a playlist

  1. Once the playlist is finalized, click the Assign Now button to open the Playlists page.
  2. In the Playlists page, find the appropriate Playlist by name and click the triple dot menu to the right.
  3. Click Assign.
  4. Click the Unassigned. Selected Date box.
  5. Select the playlist due date and click OK.
  6. Click Link.
  7. Copy the Playlist assignment URL. Provide the URL to learners or instructors who will copy the playlist into their account.
  8. Clicking advanced settings will display toggles for Show Embed Code and Share for professional learning
  • Show Embed Code - This will show the HTML code that can be used to embed the playlist on another site.
  • Share for professional learning - To assign a playlist for professional learning outside of an LMS, toggle this option on for instructors to complete the playlist as a learner and to ensure the data is saved.

Note: A QR code will be generated and displayed to share with learners or instructors. This QR code will change dynamically depending on what option toggles have been selected for the assignment. Click the QR code to copy to the clipboard.

To monitor the bulbs in a playlist, select the Class and access the Gradebook. To learn more about how to view interaction data, click here.

Copy a playlist

This section discusses how to copy a playlist from another instructor and then assign the copy to learners.

Note: When copying a playlist, you will not be able to edit the playlist or add/remove bulbs. To collaborate on a playlist, an instructor must designate individuals as Co-Owners for the original class from which the playlist was built. Click here for more information on how to add a collaborator.
  • Instructor A = Instructor who owns the playlist
  • Instructor B = Instructor who copies the playlist
  1. Instructor A: In the designer, make sure all of the Course Settings are toggled off and click Assign Now to access the Playlist page. On the Playlist page, click the triple dot menu and select Assign to access the playlist link. For more information on how to assign a playlist, click here

2. Instructor B: Click on the link provided by Instructor A. If you are not already logged into your PlayPosit account, you will be prompted to log in. Note: If accessing PlayPosit through an LMS, please log in via that work flow prior to clicking the link.

3. Instructor B: Disable Edit Mode to preview the playlist before to copying it. 

4. Instructor B: Disable Preview Mode once done previewing the playlist. 

5. Click Copy Playlist.

6. Instructor B: Optional customize the color and title of the playlist.

7. Instructor B: Toggle on any Course Settings that apply. Once the playlist is finalized, copy the URL and provide it to learners.

Note: As a non owner of the Playlist Preview, Monitor and Assign are the only setting that can be altered.

Previewing bulbs in a playlist through an LMS

To preview a playlist of bulbs in an LMS, follow the instructions below.

1. Launch the assigned playlist from the LMS and click Preview.

Generate a URL to share for professional development

To create a professional development Playlist assignment follow the instructions below. Professional Development links should be used when instructors in PlayPosit are sharing content with learners who also have the instructor role.

Note: Follow the steps for creating a playlist as outlined here.

1. Click Advanced settings in the assignment link tab and toggle on Share for professional learning to create a PD link instead of a normal learner link.

2. Copy the  URL and provide it to learners.

Note: If a Facilitator accesses the class with which the playlist is associated, they can still share a link for professional development. However, they cannot alter any class setting toggles as they are not the owner of the class.

Generate an embed code for HTML pages

  1. Click the Advanced tab and toggle on Show embed code.
  2. Copy the embed code and paste it into an HTML page.  Note: Follow the steps that are appropriate for your website host for embedding. 

Playlist certificates

Learner Certificates of Completion can be made available upon the completion of each bulb in a playlist by following the steps below:

  1. In the playlist designer, toggle on Enable printable certificate. The certificate will also generate a custom URL for verification purposes.
  2. To customize the playlist certificate, upload a custom badge and/or signature by clicking the upload links on the right.
  3. To add a fine print message to the certificate, type in the message into this box.
  4. Click the checkmark to the right of the text input field to save the message.
  5. To preview the certificate, click Preview certificate.
  6. A new tab will open with a preview of the certificate.

Note: The Print certificate button will remain inactive until the playlist has been completed in its entirety by the learner. After completion, the button will turn blue, making it accessible to the learner.

Before completion of playlist: 

After completion of playlist: 

To print the certification click the Print Certificate button and then click the print button in the browser. 

Completing a playlist as a learner

Click here for information on completing a playlist as a learner.

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