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  • For best results, access PlayPosit by launching Schoology within the Google Chrome browser rather than using the Schoology mobile app. 
  • Troubleshooting? Check out our guide here.
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    There are 3 simple steps to integrate PlayPosit with your Schoology course.

    1. Launch PlayPosit in Schoology
    2. Assign a Bulb to learners
    3. Assign a Bulb to multiple sections
    4. Monitor learner responses
    5. Sync scores to Schoology gradebook

    Why use PlayPosit in Schoology?

    1. Single Sign-on: Instructors and learners are never prompted to enter a separate email, username or password to create or view content.
    2. Auto-sync course data: We manage learner-course relationships, eliminating the need to manually create courses or upload rosters.
    3. Auto-sync grades: Learner grades are synced immediately with the Schoology gradebook at the end of a Bulb. As well, instructors can access the rich analytics from any PlayPosit link within Schoology. 

    Launch PlayPosit in Schoology

    PlayPosit is integrated into your Schoology environment by your administrator. Follow the steps below to add PlayPosit to your course and begin building a bulb (interactive video). 

    1. Login to Schoology and navigate to a course.

    2. Click  Add Materials and select Add File/Link/External Tool from the drop-down menu. 

    3. Select  External Tool

    4. For  Tool Provider, choose PlayPosit and Title this link. 

    5. Click the link you just created in Schoology to launch  PlayPosit Setup page. Click Enter Playposit to access your PlayPosit account. 

    Assign a Bulb to learners

    PlayPosit is integrated into your Schoology environment by your administrator. Follow the steps below to add PlayPosit to your course and sync your student roster. If you are assigning a bulb to multiple sections click here for direction. 

    Note: Do not paste PlayPosit assign or share links into Schoology, grades will not be synced. 

    1. Login to Schoology and navigate to the course you would like to connect to PlayPosit. 

    2. Click Add Materials and select Add File/Link/External Tool from the drop-down menu. 

    Note: Do not add assignment and then add the external tool, grades will not be synced.

    3. Select External Tool

    4. For Tool Provider, choose PlayPosit and Title this link.

    • (Optional, but recommended) - Check Enable Grading if you would like PlayPosit to automatically sync student grades to Schoology.

    NOTE: Schoology may autofill the Consumer Key and Secret. It is important that you do not edit or delete these fields. Select the Tool Provider, enter a TitleEnable Grading, and Add a Category.

    5. Click the link you just created in Schoology to launch PlayPosit Setup page. Click Set Bulb Link to access your bulb library. 

    6. Find the bulb you want to link to this assignment and click the Schoology icon.

    7. Select the learner experience and click Set Bulb Link:

    1. Self-paced - Choose this option if you want learners to take the Bulb individually, on their own device, at their own time (most commonly used).
    2. Broadcast Choose this option if you want learners to complete the bulb synchronously in class. Click here to learn more. 

    8. That's it! Your bulb has been successfully assigned to learners. 

    Assign a Bulb to multiple sections

    These directions will walk you through how to link a bulb when you have a class with multiple sections. Please note that you will have to set the bulb link for each section. 

    1. In your multi-section course, click Add Materials, select External Tool. For more detailed instructions, click  here

    2. Under Tool Provider, select PlayPosit, fill in a title and determine assignment preferences. Scroll down to Availability and Due Dates to add to multiple sections and select a due date. Then click Submit. 

    3. Click on the assignment to enter PlayPosit. A gray screen will appear. Under the bulb title, select the section from the drop-down menu. You will need to set a bulb link for each section. Once you choose your section, click Set Bulb Link. 

    4. Select the Schoology icon next to the bulb that you want to link. Select the learner experience and then click Link.

    5. A gray screen will appear confirming that the bulb you selected is now assigned to that section.

    6. Select the next section. A gray screen will appear. Click Set Bulb Link and follow steps 4 and 5.

    Watch this screencast for a more detailed explanation. 

    Monitor learner responses

    1. From Schoology, click on the assignment for which you want to view data. This will open Manage Bulb Link, with the bulb you have attached. 
    2. Click Monitor to view learner analytics

    Sync scores in Schoology Gradebook

    If your bulb only includes auto-graded questions (multiple choice, check-all-that-apply, fill-in-the-blank), then grades will be automatically exported into the Schoology Gradebook. 

    If you have graded free-response questions or edited grades for auto-graded questions, you will need to sync changes with Schoology. To do this:

    1. From Schoology, navigate to the Monitor page of the assignment you want to grade. 

    2. Here you'll be able to view and score learner data and track progress.

    3. When you are ready to send updated scores to the Schoology gradebook, click  Sync Grades

    4. Optionally, click Check Sync Status to check the status of grade sync, but note that it may take a few minutes to push all updated scores to the Schoology Gradebook. 

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