Broadcast with an LMS in 3.0


  • This article only applies to paid users who access PlayPosit through a Learning Management System. For instructors who navigate directly to the PlayPosit website, see this article instead.
  • Broadcast sessions can now push grades automatically to your LMS grade book!
  • Below is a video overview of how to Broadcast with an LMS.

In this article

Learn how to broadcast a Bulb with an LMS

  1. Create a Broadcast Assignment
  2. Start or Resume a Broadcast Bulb
  3. During the Bulb
  4. After the Bulb
  5. Learners' Workflow
  6. Allow Learners to View Report

Broadcast: Class Response System

Easily replace your antiquated Clickers with PlayPosit's Broadcast functionality! Project video and audio from a screen at the front of the room, and prompt learners with questions on their individual devices. This allows you to:

  • Control the pacing
  • Interject with additions
  • Foster live discussion
  • Poll learner results from virtually any device
  • Get group feedback for Professional Learning

Create a Broadcast Assignment

  1. Create a PlayPosit Bulb. Click here for more information about creating bulbs in 3.0.
  2. Create an assignment in your LMS and set a link to the PlayPosit bulb. Click here for more information on setting a Bulb link in a specific LMS.
  3. Link to the appropriate Bulb as a Broadcast session. 
  4. Save and Publish the assignment in the LMS.

Start or Resume a Broadcast Bulb

Broadcast any Bulb to deliver content synchronously. If the same Bulb is presented in multiple sessions, the lesson will need to resumed after the initial presentation.

Start the lesson

  1. Log in to the LMS and open the assignment.
  2. Click on the Bulb Title to begin the session.

  3. Click  Broadcast to start the session. The Bulb will now open in a new tab. 

  4. Click Start in the sidebar to begin. 

During the Bulb

Display learner responses as the Bulb progresses. Know when everyone has completed a question and review their answers as a class. Click on various icons to get more information on active learners and their polled responses.

  1. See the number of learners who have answered the question.

  2. See how many learners chose each answer for Multiple Choice or Checkbox questions, and see which students chose each answer.
    Note: Instructors can toggle whether to display learners' names with the "Show names" option.

  3. When the lesson is over, close the window with the video.

Note: Broadcast is a synchronized experience, and the instructor controls the learning pace. Therefore, if the instructor moves forward before the learners complete the interaction, whether the interaction is required or not, the learners will move forward with the instructor and will not be able to submit their responses to the interaction. Also, the Bulb will be marked complete for the learners when the instructor reaches the last time stamp of the video instead of the learners completing the last interaction.

After the Bulb

Note: In order for grades to be completed and synced to the LMS, the video must be played until the very end. As the instructor, you can scrub forward to the end since learners do not have control over playback.

Gain insights into the effectiveness of the lesson and learn which topics, questions, and learners to target for remediation.

  1. In the LMS, click on the Broadcast assignment to view data and open PlayPosit Setup
  2. Click on Monitor to open the assignment's grade book to view learners' performance data or grade free responses.

Learners' Workflow

Once learners join the Broadcast session, they will see the video on your projected screen. As the Bulb progresses, questions will appear on their individual devices when the video pauses and will disappear when the instructor continues to play the video.

  1. Learners log in to their LMS accounts and open the assignment.

  2. They will receive a message telling them to wait for the instructor.

  3. As the Bulb begins, the learners' screens will remain blank. When the Bulb pauses for a question, it will pop up on both the learner's and instructor's screen.

Note: If a hot spot interaction is created in a bulb a student will view the interaction as a sidebar interaction during a Broadcast.

Instructor designer view:

Learner Broadcast view:

Allow Learners to View Report

After a Broadcast session is complete, learners can view their completed responses in a printable report. This option can be enabled before or after the broadcast session.

To learn how to enable this option, click here

To view what learners will see after the Bulb is completed, click here

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