Sharing and Assigning Bulbs in 3.0

  • This article only applies to users in PlayPosit 3.0 who are not using a Learning Management System (LMS). If you're using an LMS and you're part of an institutional license, then click here for specific tutorials for your LMS.

In this article

  • How to share a bulb for anonymous preview
  • How to copy a bulb from a preview link
  • How to assign a bulb to learners
  • How to share a bulb for anonymous preview

    To share a bulb with a fellow instructor so they can preview or even copy a bulb:

    1. From My Bulbs, click the triple dots icon next to the specific bulb and select Share.
      1. If you would like to embed this preview bulb on another site like Google Classroom, you can click Advanced settings and toggle on Show Embed Code, then click Copy.

    How to copy a bulb from a preview link

    1. When you're in the Player, click the sidebar icon to open the sidebar.
    2. Select the Review tab and click Copy Bulb.
    3. Modify the name of the bulb, and then select either Copy & Edit (takes you to the designer) or Copy Only (takes you to the dash).
    4. If you're not logged in to a teacher account, you will be asked to log in.

    How to assign a bulb to learners

    Assigning a bulb to learners will save their responses, providing you with a large amount of data on how your learners are engaging with the content of the bulb.

    1. Create a class by going to Classes, clicking Add New Class, and filling out the necessary information. You can then add learners to your class by following the instructions in this help article.
    2. Next, go to My Bulbs, click the triple dots icon next to the specific bulb and select Assign.
    3. Set a due date and then click Get assign link.
    4. At this point, the link you are given by default will require students to sign in to PlayPosit. If your students are not already enrolled in your class, they will be automatically added to it. Click Copy if the default options are sufficient.
    5. Otherwise, click Advanced settings, select the toggles that you prefer, and then click Copy:
      1. Show Embed Code - gives HTML code you can use to embed the bulb on another site.
      2. Share for professional learning - share this link with fellow instructors if you want them to take the bulb
      3. Do not require login - learners will not have to log in to PlayPosit to complete the bulb
        1. Do not require learner name - learners will not have to enter their first and last name