Folders in PlayPosit 3.0

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  • Create a folder
  • Add bulbs to folders
  • Share folders with colleagues
  • Add collaborators to bulbs in a folder
  • Folders, previously known as Units, are a great way for instructors to organize their content by class or module in a private manner. Instructors can also share folders with their colleagues for quick and easy transfer of content.

    Create a folder

    1. Click on the Folders icon in the left sidebar
    2. Click Add Folder
    3. Name your folder
      1. (Optional) - Choose a Folder Color.
      2. (Optional) - If you're creating a subfolder, you can select the parent folder from the dropdown menu titled Create Folder In.

    Editing/Deleting a folder

    1. Click the triple dots icon to the right of the folder you want to modify.
    2. Select Edit to bring up a dialog that will let you modify the name and color of the folder, as well as move it into an existing folder.
    3. Select Delete to delete the folder - this will not delete the bulbs contained in the folder.

    Copying a folder

    1. Click the triple dots icon to the right of the folder you want to copy and select Copy.
    2. Name your new copied folder and click Copy. The new folder copy will be made with the same color as the original folder, and will be placed at the same level of folder hierarchy as the original folder (e.g. a subfolder will be copied as another subfolder within a parent folder).

    Add bulbs to folders

    1. Click the triple dots icon next to the bulb you want to place in a folder and select Manage Folders
    2. Select Add to Folder for the folder you want to manage
      1. (Optional) If you want to add a bulb to a subfolder, you can click the dropdown arrow to the left of the folder's name.

    Share folders with colleagues

    To share folders of bulbs with colleagues so that they can copy all of the contained bulbs:

    1. Click the triple dots icon to the right of the folder you want to share and select Share.
    2. Copy the URL and share it with your colleagues. They will be asked to log in and confirm whether or not they want to copy the folder.

    Add collaborators to bulbs in a folder

    Note: This feature is only available to instructors who are part of an institutional license. To learn more about bulb permissions, click here.

    To add or edit collaborators on a bulb inside a folder follow the instructions below:

    1. On the sidebar menu, select Folders.

    2. Choose the folder.

    3. Click on the triple dot menu next to the bulb name and select Collaborate.

    4. In the Collaborate modal under Manage Permissions, enter the emails of users to add as a Co-editor or Facilitator. Note: The users must belong to the same institutional license to be added as a Co-editor or Facilitator. 
    5. Click the pencil icon on the right and select Can Edit or Can View/Assign from the dropdown menu. For more information on the roles, click here
      • Can edit  - Adds the user as a co-owner of the bulb.
      • Can view/assign - Adds the user as a facilitator of the bulb.
    6. After the role is selected, click  Add Access

    7. A confirmation popup will appear to confirm that they have been added as a Co-editor or Facilitator. 

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