FAQ: LMS Migration to PlayPosit 3.0

Why are we upgrading to PlayPosit 3.0? 

Over the last year, the PlayPosit team has been working to rebuild our platform, this time completely based off the feedback and needs of our users like you. With the upgrade, you'll now have access to a brand new dashboard, designer and player with a brand new look and functionalities.  

When will we upgrade?

All users will automatically be upgraded to the new interface on August 1. 

Do we have to re-install PlayPosit in our LMS?

Nope, no change is required by the administrator to the tool installation.

Do instructors have to make any changes to existing bulbs?

No, all links will be automatically updated and redirected into the new environment for instructors and students. 

Is course copy still supported for all PlayPosit content?

Yes, all benefits of the LMS integration with PlayPosit are supported. These include:

  • Single sign-on 
  • Auto-import of course name and student roster
  • Auto export of grades from PlayPosit to LMS gradebook
  • Course copy (for Canvas, D2L, and specific versions of Blackboard/Moodle)

Will the classic environment be available?

Once your account is upgraded to PlayPosit 3.0, the classic environment will be available with read-only permissions. 

  • What happens to student data? You'll still have read access to old student data after August 1, which means you can view it, but will not be able to make any changes to the data. This data will also not transfer over to the new environment. It will always be available for download to a csv file for your reference. 
  • What happens to my bulbs? Bulbs will automatically be imported into the PlayPosit 3.0 environment so you'll have access to all of your content there. You can continue to make any edits and assign bulbs to students. All data will be collected in the new environment as well. 

How will the student experience change?

Our new student player will make the learner experience even more immersive and intuitive. Learn more here

Will this support Broadcast?

Broadcast is currently not supported in the new environment, but coming soon!

Will this support Learner-made bulbs?

Learner-made bulbs is currently not supported in the new environment, but coming soon!

Is PlayPosit 3.0 accessible?

Yes, here is more information on our supports.