FAQ: Migration to PlayPosit 3.0

  • Don't worry, your content still exists! Read on to learn how to copy your bulbs over to PlayPosit 3.0.
  • See this help article for more information on getting started in PlayPosit 3.0.

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General FAQs

Why am I upgrading to PlayPosit 3.0?

We’ve been working hard over the this past year to redesign all aspects of the PlayPosit experience, and are elated to finally show off all that we've been doing! The next time you log in (if you haven't already), you see some notable differences in the PlayPosit Designer, Player, and Dashboard, including: 

  • Hotspot interactions: You can now set interactions to appear in "hotspots," or video overlays, to better control when and how your learners interact with a video.
  • Gallery templates: Choose from a set of templates to apply multiple interactions over an entire video for pre- and post-assessments, learner feedback, and more!
  • Interaction templates: You can easily apply certain formatted interactions at a specific time in your video for pop quizzes, checking your learners' understanding (or attention), or vocabulary definitions.
  • Unified instructor/student dashboards: We've updated the teacher and student dashboards to let you see your content all at once without having to switch into different views!
  • Student notes: Students can now take timestamped notes at any point in the video, and export them for subsequent review.
  • and much more!

Check out our blog for more info and demos!

How do I import bulbs from the classic view into PlayPosit 3.0?

If you have been using the classic environment until now, the first time you log into PlayPosit 3.0, you might see that My Bulbs is empty. Don't worry, you can easily import your bulbs by following these steps:

  1. Click Copy Classic Bulbs.
  2. For the bulb you want to activate, click on the triple dots icon at the right hand side, and click Activate.
  3. You should then be able to click the same triple dots icon and see that you can edit, assign, monitor, etc. that bulb. If you can't, you can click Import Bulbs Status to see if any errors occurred, or email help@playposit.org.

Some of my bulbs are missing, what happened to them?

Since PlayPosit 3.0 uses a new way of storing and displaying bulbs, we have done our best to copy your bulbs from the previous environment over to PlayPosit 3.0. Sometimes, though, that copying might fail for certain bulbs. Please contact us at help@playposit.org if you notice missing content! 

I can't see my classes or student data in PlayPosit 3.0?

Although we have copied your bulbs over to the new environment, student and class data will not migrate. However, your data for existing classes and student responses can be viewed and downloaded by switching over to the Classic view. 

To view data for bulbs you created and assigned in the Classic View, we recommend that you switch back to Classic View via the sidebar. You can also click on Classic Gradebook from a specific class's gradebook page. Note that all data will be read-only and cannot be edited.

Does PlayPosit 3.0 support Learner Made Bulbs and Broadcast?

Playposit 3.0 is excited to introduce a new and improved version of both the Learner Made Bulbs and Broadcast functionalities! Navigate to the respective links to learn more. Note that Broadcast within an LMS is not currently available, but coming soon.
Update: You will no longer need to update links and embed codes you have shared. These will automatically reroute to the 3.0 environment when you play the video as an instructor or student. No action is required. 

Why aren't my students seeing their assignments?

If you have previously assigned bulbs in Classic View to your class, then your learners will always see those bulbs first. They should navigate to PlayPosit 3.0 by clicking on the words "PlayPosit 3.0" within the orange banner.

They should then see their PlayPosit 3.0 student dash. 

Clicking on the class name will then display all the PlayPosit 3.0 bulbs that you have assigned to that class.

When students click on classes which solely have 3.0 bulbs, they will automatically be taken to the PlayPosit 3.0 student dashboard.

Partner Client FAQs

When will we upgrade to PlayPosit 3.0?

We'll start migrating our partner institutions on August 1. Please reach out to your administrator or contact help@playposit.org to confirm your specific transition date.

I use an LMS (like Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, etc.) and have upgraded. What's next?

Once your institution upgrades to the new interface, follow the steps below to migrate your content:

  1. Navigate to any LMS course and click on a PlayPosit assignment link you have previously created. You'll see a message indicating that the migration process has started. 
  2. Refresh the page.
  3. You'll now be authenticated into your PlayPosit account and will see your bulb library. Click Activate Bulb to begin using it.

    1. Note: It is optional to activate all bulbs individually if they have already been linked to this LMS course. Linked bulbs will automatically activate when a student launches. 

If you do not have any existing LMS links to click on, simply create a new assignment and launch into your PlayPosit account. Here, you can click Copy Classic Bulbs to migrate all of your content.

Is course copy still supported for all PlayPosit content?

Yes, you can continue copy your courses after the upgrade and rest-assured that all of your linked bulbs will copy over to the new course. 

Note: PlayPosit currently has course copy support for the following LMS: Canvas, D2L, and specific versions of Blackboard/Moodle.

Will the classic environment still be available?

Once your account is upgraded to PlayPosit 3.0, the classic environment will be available with read-only permissions. 

  • What happens to student data? You'll have read access to all data collected prior to the migration, which means you can view it, but will not be able to make any changes to the points, grades, or rosters. This data will also not transfer over to the new environment. It will always be available for download as a csv file for your reference. 
  • What happens to my bulbs? Bulbs can be imported into the PlayPosit 3.0 environment for normal use. In other words, once it is copied over, you can edit, assign, grade and more. All data will be collected in the new environment. 

How will the student experience change?

The workflow for students to access PlayPosit will remain the same. However, we're confident that the new student player will make the learner experience even more immersive and intuitive. Learn more here

Is PlayPosit 3.0 accessible?

Absolutely! Navigate here to access our most recent VPATs hat align with WCAG 2.1 Level A.

What happens to links or embed codes I have previously shared?

Update: You will no longer need to update links and embed codes you have shared. These will automatically reroute to the 3.0 environment when you play the video as an instructor or student. No action is required.

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