Peer Review without an LMS for Instructors

  • Users must be updated to PlayPosit 3.0 
  • Users must be part of an institutional license

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Create, assign and grade peer review assignments in PlayPosit 3.0

  1. What is a peer review bulb?
  2. The instructor experience
    1. Creating a peer review assignment
    2. Assign a peer review bulb
    3. Grade a peer review bulb
    4. How to create or update groups for peer review

What is a peer review bulb?

Peer review bulbs are a new subset of Learner Made Bulbs that allow learners to evaluate each others' work in a variety of areas, from giving speeches and presentations to assessing skills and delivering training modules. Instructors can choose to create customizable marking guides or rubrics to guide learner feedback, and learners can leave time-coded comments at any point for later in-context review.

The instructor experience

  • Instructors can also reuse the existing Peer Review assignment by clicking on the thumbnail of the Bulb and selecting Copy to create a copied version of the Peer Review Bulb.

Creating a peer review assignment

A peer review assignment can be created with or without a rubric that will be automatically attached to the videos that learners upload to PlayPosit. If the peer review assignment has a rubric, then learners will submit feedback based on the predetermined criteria on learner submissions as well as participating in a discussion forum. You, as the instructor, will also fill out the rubric to assign a final grade to each learner submission. Otherwise, learners will only be required to participate in the discussion forum, while you will manually assign a point value to learner submissions.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to Add New Bulb and select Add Peer Review Assignment

  2. Be sure to name your LMB assignment.
    1. Optional - you can type Learning Objectives/Instructions in. Otherwise, if left blank, PlayPosit will display generic instructions to learners that will inform them how to complete the peer review assignment. The generic instructions are as follows:
      • (If rubrics are enabled) This is a two part assignment. First, upload a video and submit it to your instructor. Second, watch your peer review group's videos, fill out the grading rubrics, and submit your final feedback.
      • (If rubrics are disabled) This is a two part assignment. First, upload a video and submit it to your instructor. Second, watch your peer review group's videos, fill out the grading rubrics, and submit your final feedback.
  3. Toggle Enable peer review on
    1. If your institution's license includes HLS recording, then you'll be able to Allow learners to upload video files as well.
    2. Optional: Toggle Enable grading rubrics on if you want learners to evaluate each other according to specific criteria that you will set in the next step. Otherwise, learners will merely watch each other's videos and comment in discussion forums. 
    3. Optional: You can also toggle on Anonymize student rubric submissions if you do not want students to know the identities of their reviewers. 
      1. Optional: If you enabled a grading rubric, the next step will ask you to design the rubric by adding numeric criteria and sections. You can set each numeric criteria to be worth between 1 and 5 points. Reorganize the sections and criteria by dragging and dropping from the left side of each row, and delete criteria by clicking the settings gear on the right side. 
      2. Click Next when you are done to save the rubric and move on to setting a bulb link.
    4. Optional: If you do not want to use a grading rubric, you can leave that toggle off, adjust the number of points an assignment is worth, and instead toggle on Enable complete/incomplete grading. This means that students will receive full points as soon as they have both submitted their own video and completed giving feedback to all other learners in their group or class. Click Next to move on to setting the bulb link.

Assign a peer review bulb

If you have already created your peer review assignment, follow these steps to finish setting the bulb link:

  1. Open My Bulbs, click on the Bulb Thumbnail, and click Assign.

  2. From the assign window, select a due date for the Peer Review assignment, select the group set, and click the Link button. Please see this article for more information about creating group sets in the class.

  3. Click Copy for the link to the Peer Review assignment.

Advanced settings

Select Advanced settings to view available assigning options. 

Show embed code: Shows embed code for the LMB/Peer Review bulb.

Smaller embed: Shows a shortened embed code for the LMB/Peer Review bulb.

Assign for professional learning: Assign this assignment to users with PlayPosit instructor accounts for professional learning.

Assign any login - Instructor or Learner: Assign this assignment to both instructors and learners. Users will need to log into either a PlayPosit instructor or PlayPosit learner account to access this peer review assignment.

Grade a peer review bulb

Once your learners have completed their assignments, you can launch the assignment again to view each student's submission, feedback to the other students in their class or group, and assign final grades to each student.

Grading with a rubric

If you have assigned a peer review assignment with grading rubrics enabled, you can use the gradebook to:

  1. Preview a student's submission
  2. Assign a grade, view feedback given by a student, and feedback received by the same student.
  3. Enter Grade Mode to quickly assign grades to multiple students at a time.

Note: The Preview button is the only way to moderate or participate in discussion forums. The Rubric button (#2 in the above list) will not allow you to moderate or participate in discussion forums.

Assign and export final grades

  1. Click the rubric icon for the student you wish to grade, which will open a panel with three tabs. The panel will open automatically to the Instructor Feedback tab. Click Evaluate Submission to launch the player view of this learner's submission.
  2. Click the rubric icon in the sidebar to access the grading rubric for this student's submission. You can enter numeric values and leave comments or notes for each criteria. When you're done, click Submit Rubric.
  3. The next time you click on the rubric icon for this student, the Instructor Feedback tab will show the score you have already assigned. You can click View Submission to launch the player again with a read-only version of the rubric you submitted.
  4. Otherwise, you can click the rubric icon to view the rubric you submitted for this student.
  5. If you want to modify the score you've previously assigned to this student, return to the gradebook for this peer review assignment and click Enter Grade Mode.
  6. The score column for students whom you have previously graded will now show a number of radio buttons, each with a point value. Select the point value you want to assign for each available student, and then click Save Grades.

View feedback received

Click on the Feedback Received tab to view the rubrics completed by this student's peers for this student's submission. These rubrics do not factor into the student's score.

You can click the Discussion icon to load a view of the discussion forum for this student's submission.

View feedback given

Select the Feedback Given tab to view the scores given by this student to the others in his or her peer group. You can also see whether this student's reviews are Not Started, In Progress, or Completed.

Grading without a rubric

If you have assigned a peer review assignment without grading rubrics enabled, you can use the gradebook to:

  1. Preview a student's submission
  2. Enter Grade Mode to quickly assign grades to multiple students at a time.

Assign and export final grades

  1. Learners who have submitted a video for this peer review assignment will have a "-%" entry in the Score column, denoting that it needs to be graded. If you have enabled Complete/Incomplete Grading on this assignment, then this value will read "100%" instead of "-%". Click Enter Grade Mode to assign a final score.
  2. Select a point value for the student's submission and click Save Grades to save.

How to create or update groups for peer review

PlayPosit's group functionality allows instructors to create groups and group sets for peer review assignments within a given class.

Note: Before creating a group set, you must ensure that all learners have a PlayPosit account and are enrolled in your class. This can be achieved either via a roster upload, or through having all learners first click on a direct assignment link to another assigned bulb.

  1. Click on the Classes tab in the dashboard.
  2. Click the Learners tab next to the class to which you want to assign a peer review assignment. 

  3. Click the Groups button.

  4. Create a new group by typing a name in the drop down and hitting enter.
  5. To edit the group name or delete the group click the triple dots menu and then select Edit or Delete
  6. Create a group set in the new group by clicking the Add Group button. 

  7. Group sets will be added below the Add Group button in a list. To delete one click the trash can icon. 

  8. Move the student(s) to the new group set.

  9. To move students to a different group set. 

  10. Click the Close button.
  11. Note: If a learner has changed groups they should not have to re-submit a peer review bulb attempt. However, the members in the learner's group will change accordingly and the learner may need to provide feedback for the new members of their group.

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