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  • January 11, 2022: There is an issue with Panopto’s official Embed API which is breaking Panopto embeds that require user login. Panopto has been notified. There are two immediate workarounds:
    1. Temporarily set the permissions for the Panopto video to “Public (Unlisted)”
    2. Ask end users to log in to Panopto before launching the PlayPosit assignment.
    3. Panopto has confirmed the issue exists and is investigating. Panopto believes disabling their new token-based authentication--a default feature recently pushed--may fix the issues in the Panopto Embed API. PlayPosit does not have access to an Panopto Admin environment to verify the fix, but to test this:
      1. As a Panopto Admin, go to the Panopto Settings
      2. Choose the Authentication Category
      3. Set Token Based Authentication for Embedded Content to False.
  • Access to Panopto within PlayPosit is only available for Institutional partners whose license includes a Panopto integration.

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Add interactivity to a Panopto video

The PlayPosit integration with Panopto allows Institutional partners to add interactivity and accountability to all hosted video content. Once the integration is completed by the administrator, instructors/designers can pull Panopto content into PlayPosit following the steps below:

  1.  Navigate to the PlayPosit dashboard and click Add New Bulb.

  2. Select Panopto to access your Panopto library. 

      Note:  If the Panopto button is not available, the institution has not purchased Panopto, Panopto has not been set up by the administrator, or Panopto is not included in the institution's license. 
  3. Click on Click to sign in and play video or Login As Different User to continue logging in. 

  4. Log in with the appropriate Panopto credentials in the login window and click Sign In

      Note:  The appearance of the log-in window will differ between institutions.
  5. Choose a video to pull into PlayPosit. Then, click Select Video.

  6. Once a video is selected, the title, captions, bulb thumbnail, and trimming/cropping of the video can be edited. When all desired edits have been made to the video, click Done

  7. Now, the Panopto-hosted video is ready to be overlaid with interactions. Click here to learn more about building a PlayPosit Bulb with the video.

Browser Requirements

Browsers that are set to block all third party cookies or cross-site tracking may cause problems when viewing PlayPosit content. If allowing third-party cookies is not possible, then the following recommendations will allow learners to watch Panopto videos without authentication issues across various browsers:



  • In Firefox's settings, under Privacy & Security, click on Manage Exceptions and type in "" Select "Allow" and click Save Changes to allow PlayPosit to store information on your computer.


General Troubleshooting

Video Stops Before Final Interaction

This can occur when an interaction is placed at the very end of a video. It is caused by a Panopto player behavior that does not allow the interaction to register. Panopto has been notified of the issue and they are currently investigating. 

An immediate solution is to disable Multi-Stream Embed playback for your Panopto service. Contact Panopto Support to make this change.

Additionally, it is recommended to place the last interaction in a Bulb at least one second before the end of the video; this will prevent the Panopto player from disrupting the interaction.

Panopto Authorization Error

Authorization Error: “Panopto authorization needed in order to view this bulb. Please login to your Panopto account, or make sure you have an already validated Panopto session in order to continue.”

  1. The appearance of this error means that the Panopto video is restricted or unlisted.
    1. Click Click to sign in and play video.
    2. Enter your Panopto credentials in the login window.
    3. Refresh the page.

If a video is set to private or otherwise not shared with the class that needs to view the video, learners should see a page in the player that lets them request access to the Panopto video. Clicking Request Access will send an email to the video owner.

This is an example of what the Panopto access request email will look like. Instructors will need to click Grant Access to give the learner access to the Panopto video.

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