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  • Note: This article only applies to Pro users and Institutional license holders who are on PlayPosit 3.0.

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Create, assign and grade learner made bulbs in PlayPosit 3.0

  1. What is a learner made bulb?
  2. The instructor's experience
  3. The learner's experience

What is a learner made bulb?

Learner-Made Bulbs (LMBs) are a great way to empower learners to become the instructor. Learners have access to the full power of the PlayPosit Designer, including uploading their own videos and embedding all question types. Use this feature to:

  • Review projects where learners create their own questions on video already seen.
  • Have learners create their own video and add interactions to increase engagement.
  • Record a learner's presentation and have them reflect on their performance with comments.

PlayPosit 3.0 introduces the ability for learners to share their bulbs with other learners (for Pro instructors) and provide instructors who are part of an Institutional License the ability for their learners to participate in Peer Review scenarios.

The instructor's experience

Creating a learner made bulb assignment

From My Bulbs, click the arrow icon next to Add New Bulb, then select Add Learner Made Bulb.

  • The Peer Review Assignment functionality is only available to instructors who are part of an  institutional license. To learn more about peer review, click here to use peer review with an LMS or click here to use peer review without an LMS.
  • Instructors can also reuse the existing Learner Made Bulb assignment by clicking on the thumbnail of the Bulb and selecting Copy to create a copied version of the LMB.

  1. The Add Learner Made Bulb dialog will appear, enter a Title
    1. (Optional) Enter a Learning Objective/Instructions. If nothing is added, PlayPosit will show a set of general instructions to learners to inform them how to complete the assignment.
    2. (Optional) Click Advanced settings to specially configure the Learner Made Bulb.
  2. Pro users and Institutional users will see options to: 

    1. Set Points - This is how many points the LMB assignment will be worth.
    2. Allow learners to use private video hosts - If toggled on, learners can use private video hosts like Kaltura, Panopto, Zoom, Canvas studio, and Yuja. If toggled off, learners can only use public or unlisted Youtube or Vimeo videos to build their learner made bulbs.
    3. IMPORTANT NOTES: If allowing learners to use Kaltura as their video host, they will be directed to the instructor's Kaltura account. If the instructor would like to adjust this behavior and direct learners to their own Kaltura account, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
    4. Allow learners to upload video files - If toggled on, learners can directly upload any video file to the Designer to use as a video source, but it will be counted against the Pro instructor's 100-minute quota, or the institution's total quota (depending on the institution's hosting package).
    5. Enable peer review - This option is only available for users with an institutional license. If toggled on, the LMB assignment will turn into a peer review assignment. Peer review bulbs allow learners to evaluate each others' submissions.
    6. Enable complete/incomplete grading - If toggled on, when learners submit their LMBs in the Designer, they will automatically receive full points.

Assigning a learner made bulb

  1. Pro instructors and Institutional instructors who do not use an LMS should follow the instructions here.
    • Instructors who are part of an institutional license have access to the following Advanced settings:
      • Show embed code - Shows embed code for the LMB/Peer Review bulb.
      • Smaller embed - Shows a shortened embed code for the LMB/Peer Review bulb.
      • Share for professional learning - Changes URL and QR code to share for professional development. Note: Learners must log in with their instructor credentials to access the Professional Development assignment. Learners who log in with a student account will be blocked.
  2. Institutional instructors who use an LMS should follow the instructions laid out here for their specific LMS.

Monitoring a learner made bulb

  1. If accessing PlayPosit from an LMS, click on the linked assignment, then click Monitor on the Manage Link screen.
    1. If accessing PlayPosit directly, navigate to My Bulbs, click on the thumbnail or triple dots icon of the bulb, select Monitor, then choose the class to see the data.
  2. Inside the LMB gradebook, the following options are available:

    1. Sync grades to the LMS gradebook.
    2. Manually grade an LMB (learn more here).
    3. Unlock a submitted LMB so a learner can continue editing it.
    4. Preview a learner's LMB submission.
    5. Copy a learner's LMB to My Bulbs.
    6. Export the learners' data for this peer review assignment.
  3. While reviewing an LMB instructors can also view the review sheet in a bulb. Please note this content will not show on LMB peer review submissions.

For information on the learner experience, click here

Data export for learner made bulb

To export the learners' data from the learner made bulb assignment, please click on the data export icon on the top right of the monitor page.

On the exported CSV file, instructors can find the following information:

  • Learner ID
  • Learner name
  • Learner Email
  • The number of interactions
  • Interaction types
  • Points earned 
  • Points available
  • Score
  • Status
  • LMS sync status
  • Start time
  • Completion time

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