PlayPosit 3.0 FAQ/Troubleshooting

  • This article only applies to beta testers of PlayPosit 3.0. 
  • See this help article for more information on getting started in PlayPosit 3.0.

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  1. Frequently asked questions

How do I import bulbs from the classic view into PlayPosit 3.0?

If you have been using the classic environment until now, the first time you log into PlayPosit 3.0, you might see that My Bulbs is empty. Don't worry, you can easily import your bulbs by following these steps:

  1. Click Import Classic Bulbs.
  2. For the bulb you want to activate, click on the triple dots icon at the right hand side, and click Activate.
  3. You should then be able to click the same triple dots icon and see that you can edit, assign, monitor, etc. that bulb. If you can't, you can click Import Bulbs Status to see if any errors occurred, or email

Some of my bulbs are missing, what happened to them?

Since PlayPosit 3.0 uses a new way of storing and displaying bulbs, we have done our best to copy your bulbs from the previous environment over to PlayPosit 3.0. Sometimes, though, that copying might fail for certain bulbs. Please contact us at if you notice missing content! You can also switch back to Classic View at any time via the sidebar.

I can't see my classes or student data in PlayPosit 3.0?

Although we have copied your bulbs over to the new environment, we are currently not planning to copy your student or class data over. However, your data for existing classes and student responses will not be deleted when you switch to PlayPosit 3.0.

To view data for bulbs you created and assigned in the Classic View, we recommend that you switch back to Classic View via the sidebar. You can also click on Classic Gradebook from a specific class's gradebook page.

What if I don't want to use the new environment right now?

You can submit a request with this form to continue using the classic environment for a little while longer, but we do plan to start moving all of our users over to the new environment soon!

I use an LMS (like Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, etc.) and want to try this out!

Playposit 3.0 doesn’t currently support LMS integrations yet, but we plan to have those done later in 2019. Until then, you’re more than welcome to sign up for a free account and take PlayPosit 3.0 for a test drive!

I want to assign a Learner Made Bulb/I want to broadcast a bulb!

Playposit 3.0 doesn’t currently support Learner Made Bulbs or the broadcast functionality yet, but we plan to have those done later in 2019. If you want to use that feature in the meantime, we recommend that you submit a request with this form to continue using the classic environment for a little while longer.
Yes, you will need to update those links and embed code, because if students take those bulbs, their data will be saved in Classic View. After you copy your bulbs from Classic View to PlayPosit 3.0, update your links through the following steps:
  1. From My Bulbs, click the triple dots icon next to the bulb you wish to assign, then select Assign.
  2. Select a Due Date and then click Get Assign Link.
  3. If you want the regular URL, click Copy:
  4. Otherwise, if you want the embed code, click Advanced Settings, toggle on Show Embed Code, and click Copy.