Getting Started in PlayPosit Without an LMS


In this article

  1. Creating a bulb and adding video
  2. Adding interactivity
    1. Using "Add an interaction"
    2. Using the template gallery
    3. Editing an interaction
  3. Configuring bulb playback
  4. Creating a class and adding students
  5. Assigning bulbs
  6. Monitoring responses

Creating a bulb and adding video

  1. In My Bulbs, click Add New Bulb to open the Designer.
  2. Select a video source to add a video. 
  3. Search for a video, select one, and click Done.
    1. (Optional) Click Customize to add captions, trim the video, or add internal crops.
  4. To add another video source, click Video Segments on the top navigation bar, then click Add Video.

Adding interactivity

Using "Add an Interaction"

Click here to learn more about building a bulb.

  1. To add an interaction, use the scrub bar to navigate to the desired section of the video. Click Add an Interaction to insert a question at the current playback timestamp.
  2. Select one of the interaction options:
    • Questions refer to interactions that are typically graded, such as multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.
    • Annotations refer to interactions that are typically ungraded, such as the reflective pause and web embeds that can be used to provide more information to learners, or provide external file downloads.
    • Templates refer to a set of interactions that PlayPosit has pre-formatted to illustrate interesting ways to add interactivity to your bulb. Click here to learn more about interaction templates. 
    1. (Optional) Click Customize to place your interaction on the sidebar or in a hotspot overlay.
    2. (Optional) Configure any interaction to stay visible for a set period of time.

    4. Click Done to save and close the interaction.

Using the template gallery
  1. At the top of the page, select Open Template Gallery. 
  2. To learn more about the Template Gallery, click here

Editing an interaction

To edit an interaction, click the triple dot icon on the right side of the interaction, or click on the interaction's type, position, or timestamp fields.

Configuring bulb playback

  1. Select the Review tab and open the Playback options
  2. Select any combination of the following playback options:
    • Allow learners to rewind after an interaction appears.
    • Allow learners to skip interactions.
    • Allow learners to fast forward.
    • Allow learners to retake the bulb upon completion. Note: If this is enabled, when learners select the retake button at the end of a bulb, their original score will be cleared and they will need to complete the bulb again to update their score.
    • Allow learners to view their printable report. (Only available for institutional partners)
    • Allow learners to increase playback speed. (Only available for institutional partners)
  3. Click here to learn more about the Bulb Settings.
  4. Click Preview to see what your bulb looks like!

Creating a class and adding students

  1. Hover over the sidebar and select Classes
  2. Click Add New Class, title it, and click Save.
  3. There are three ways to add learners:
    • Learners enter Search Code - learners individually log in to their PlayPosit accounts, click Add Class, and enter their instructor Search Code.
    • Learners register via class URL - learners navigate to a class URL that can be found by clicking Upload Learners from within your class.
    • Upload learner roster - upload a .csv roster of your learners using a template in the Learner Uploader.

For more information on adding or removing learners from your classes in click here.

Assigning bulbs

  1. In My Bulbs, click the triple dots icon or the bulb thumbnail then click Assign
  2. Select a due date for the class the bulb will be assigned to and click OK
  3. Next to the class the bulb is assigned to, select the link icon
  4. Select any options that are applicable under Advanced Settings. Click here to learn more about the Advanced Settings. Then copy the link or embed to assign to learners.

Monitoring responses

  1. In My Bulbs, click the triple dots icon or the bulb thumbnail, then click Monitor
  2. Click Monitor for the specific class. 
  3. The Monitor Page will appear for the bulb that was selected. Click here to learn more about grading bulbs and using analytics.

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