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  • This article only applies to California Community Colleges.

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  • Adding Interactivity to a 3C Media Video
  • Finding Your 3C Media Video URLs
  • Adding Interactivity to a 3C Media Video

    The PlayPosit integration with 3C Media allows institutional partners to add interactivity and accountability to all 3C Media-hosted video content. Once the integration is fully installed by the administrator and the PlayPosit team, instructors/designers can pull 3C Media content into PlayPosit following the steps below:

    1. Launch PlayPosit from Canvas. For more information, click here
    2. Navigate to the PlayPosit Dashboard and click Add New Bulb.
    3. Select 3C Media from the listed video sources.
    4. Paste a 3C Media share link into the text input field labeled Input 3C Media URL. To find the share link for your 3C Media video, follow the steps in the next section.
    5. Click Done to save the video segment.

    You are now ready to begin adding interactions! More information on building a bulb is available in this help article.

    Finding Your 3C Media Video URLs

    1. Open the 3C Media website in a new browser tab. 
    2. Log into your account and click on Media.
    3. Find the video that you’d like to create a bulb with and click on Details and Options.
    4. On the next page, scroll down towards the bottom of the page. Copy the Share Link.
    5. You're now ready to paste this URL into the Designer.

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