Building bulbs with dual stream content manually

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  • Selecting content for dual stream bulbs
  • Editing dual stream content
  • Selecting content for dual stream bulbs

    1. From the Video Segments tab of the Designer, click the Add Video button.
    2. Select a video source or upload a video for your first video segment.
    3. Click Done to add the first video segment. This will become the primary stream in your dual-stream bulb.
    4. Click the Secondary Streams sub-tab.
    5. Click Add Secondary Stream.

    6. Select a video source or upload a video for your secondary stream.

    7. Click Done to add the secondary stream video content.
    8. Please note you may see the following banner alert if the selected content is longer or shorter than your selected first video.

      If this is the case, consider selecting a different video source or trim your video stream following the instructions below.

    Editing dual stream content

    Once your videos have been uploaded, you may edit both streams in the Designer by following these steps.

    1. Click the triple dots under the Secondary Streams tab and then click Edit Secondary Stream.
    2. Click Placement Bottom-right
    3. Select the placement of your secondary stream video from the "Placement" box by clicking in the desired quadrant or sidebar you would like your video to appear in.For more information on hotspots, refer to this help article. When all edits have been completed, click Done to continue or Customize button to edit the timing of your content.
    4. If you need to edit the timing of your secondary stream content, click the triple dots icon, then Edit Secondary Stream in drop down.
      1. (Optional) To change the timing of the secondary stream, click Customize
      2. You can change the timing of your content by sliding the crop markers. You can also manually type in a new start or end time for your secondary video source content. Click Done to save your edits.
    5. You can attach the secondary stream to a different primary stream by opening the drop down menu. For a visual aid to editing your secondary stream content, you can reference the blue outline markers on the video timeline at the bottom of the Designer. These markers are directly correlated to the timing in your clips of content. The primary video stream will be shown in white, and the secondary video stream will be shown with a blue outline.
    6. To preview your dual stream content, click the Review tab and then click Preview. A preview of your bulb will open in a new tab, showing you your dual stream content. If you set your content to appear in the sidebar, then the secondary stream will display in the sidebar. Otherwise, your secondary stream will appear as a video overlay over the primary stream.
      Note: Audio will only play for the primary stream in your bulb, and captions will only display if fetched or uploaded to the primary stream.

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