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  • The PlayPosit Designer offers two types of templates to assist you in designing a bulb:

    • Interaction templates are a quick and easy way to add single pre-formatted interactions to your bulb at a specific time.
    • The template gallery contains bulb templates that apply either multiple interactions at the beginning, middle, or end of your bulb, or durational interactions over the entire length of your bulb.

    Interaction templates

    When you click Add an Interaction, you can select an interaction template to add a pre-formatted interaction to your bulb:

      Vocabulary matching

      Adds a specially-formatted fill-in-the-blank question with three blanks, meant for testing vocabulary or other concepts.

      Table of contents

      Adds a table of contents that users can click through from the side bar. This table includes all video segments and interactions in the bulb.

      Functions table

      Adds a specially-formatted fill-in-the-blank question with three blanks, meant for testing math equations or other concepts.

      Place in order

      Adds a specially-formatted fill-in-the-blank question with five blanks, meant for testing word matching or other concepts.

    Note: Currently the $ symbol is not supported in the equation editor. Please type in the $ symbol from your keyboard instead.

    Template gallery

    The template gallery can be accessed in two different ways:

    1. After adding a video segment, select Apply Template.
    2. Selecting the Interactions tab and clicking Open Template Gallery.

    When you click Open Template Gallery, you will see a list of templates that will apply certain sets of questions to your bulb:

    • Learner Feedback: Add a poll question at the end of the bulb for learners to rate their experience, followed by a free response questions where they can provide more detail.
    • Learner Notes: Adds a reflective pause in a hotspot at the beginning of the bulb to teach learners how to use PlayPosit's Notes feature.
    • Discussion: Add a discussion forum in the sidebar that lasts the entire bulb so learners can comment at any time. 
    • Pre/Post Assessment: Add two free response questions in the sidebar at the beginning and end to ask learners what they already know, and what concepts they mastered upon completion. 
    • Summative Assessment: Add four multiple choice questions in the sidebar at the end of a bulb to prompt learners to reflect on what they learned in this bulb. 
    • Check for Understanding: Adds five stacked free response and poll questions to evaluate learner understanding.
    • One of Each: A template that contains all of the interaction types, evenly spaced throughout the middle of the bulb. 

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