• This is only available for institutional clients whose licenses include a YuJa integration. 
  • There must be content available in the Yuja account in order to access your account inside of PlayPosit. If there is not content in Yuja, a 401 error message will appear. 

In this article

  • Link your Yuja account with PlayPosit
  • Add interactivity to a YuJa video
  • Link your Yuja account with PlayPosit

    1. Launch the Designer and click on Yuja in the video source stepper.

    2. Click the pencil icon.

    3. Enter the new username and click the checkmark icon.

    4. An email will be sent within 8 business hours upon approval.

    Add interactivity to a Yuja video

    The PlayPosit integration with Yuja allows institutional partners to add interactivity and accountability to all hosted video content. Once the integration is completed by the administrator, instructors/designers can pull Yuja content into PlayPosit by following the steps below:

    Yuja videos can be added by URL or can be searched by title/keyword. 

    To add a Yuja video by URL:

    1. Navigate to the PlayPosit dashboard and click ADD NEW BULB

    2. Select INPUT URL and paste the Yuja URL. 

    To search for a Yuja video:

    1. Navigate to the PlayPosit dashboard and click  ADD NEW BULB

    2. Select  Yuja in the video source stepper.

    3. Enter the title or keyword to search.

    Note:  Content that is returned will be sorted descending by date. Users will see all content that they have uploaded to Yuja in this list to pick from. The thumbnail of the video will be the PlayPosit logo until it is clicked.

    4. Once a video is selected, you can 

    a. Upload a new thumbnail image

    b. Change the title

    When you finish editing, click Done.

    Note: Captions that are available in Yuja will automatically be fetched and added to the PlayPosit player. For more information on how to enable captions automatically, click here.

    Now you are ready to begin adding interactions to your Yuja-hosted video. To learn more about building a PlayPosit Bulb with the video, click here.

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