Your User Account (Instructors)

  • This article applies only to Instructor User Accounts. For information on Admin User Accounts, please view this help article. Please note that students do not have a User Account.

In this article

  1. Navigating to User Profile
  2. General User Settings
  3. Default Bulb Settings
  4. Delete Account

Your User Profile is where you can view your account settings, manage the default settings for your Bulbs, and manage your available LMS integrations.

  1. To navigate to your User Profile, navigate to the pop-out menu on the left side of the screen and click on your name.

General User Settings

Account Subscription

This section shows the amount of storage available for your PlayPosit account, which varies depending on the type of account you have. The Free License includes 10,000 Minute Bulbs while the individual Pro License offers 100,000 Minute Bulbs of storage. Individuals using institutional licenses have unlimited storage.

Minute Bulb refers to the amount of bandwidth streamed. MB storage refers to the amount of bandwidth streamed. 1 MB is 1 minute of bulb viewing by learners as opposed to 1 minute of a bulb video hosted. For example, let's say 10 students take a 10 min bulb you created - that equals 100 MB used (10 minute bulb x 10 students).

Sync Settings

Instructors who have a Google Classroom account can sync their students and rosters with PlayPosit.

  1.  Click Sync With Google Classroom.
  2. Next, click Allow to sync Google Classroom with PlayPosit.

You can learn more about using Google Classroom with PlayPosit in this help article.

Change Profile Picture

You can change your profile picture by clicking within the picture frame directly under Profile and uploading an image file up to 2 MB in size.

Search Code

Your Search Code is an 8 character string assigned to you which allows your students to find your Classes. For more information on the Search Code and adding students to your Classes, refer to this help article.

Update Password

In this section, you can change the user password that you use to log in to PlayPosit. On the other hand, if you usually access PlayPosit through a LMS portal, such as through Blackboard or Canvas, adding a password to your account will let you login directly from Doing so will not affect your LMS password.

Default Bulb Settings

Instructors can change certain default settings for their bulbs with regard to student interactions and question point values. However, only admins can change the overall sharing settings for bulbs. For more information on these default sharing settings for bulbs, please view this help article. If you want to change these sharing settings, please contact your admin.

Bulb Defaults

The settings within this section affect what students will be able to see and do when they interact with your Bulbs. Any changes made here will only impact new Bulbs created after you save these changes.

  • Allow learners to rewind during questions - students will be able to replay sections of the video prior to each question
  • Allow learners to skip questions - students can choose not to answer certain questions and continue playing the video
  • Allow learners to fast-forward - students can skip ahead when viewing the video
  • Allow learners to retake, once completed - students can choose to re-answer some, or all, questions in the Bulb
  • Enable captions on all videos - students who view the Bulb will have the option to view captions.
  • Hide final score for learners - students will not be able to preview their final score once they finish viewing the Bulb.

Question Point Defaults

The settings within this section affect the default point values of questions that you create for all new bulbs, meaning all bulbs created after you save these changes. Each question can have default values of 0-10 points.

Instructors can adjust the question point defaults for multiple choice, check all, free response, and fill-in-the-blank questions. The point defaults for the other four interaction types - reflective pause, web embed, polling survey, and discussion forum - can not be customized at this time. For more information on the PlayPosit interaction types, please see this help article.

Delete Account

Clicking the big red button labeled Delete User Account will do exactly that! There‚Äôs no going back - all your Bulbs, Classes, and account activity will be irrevocably deleted, so be sure you want to delete your account before going anywhere near this button!

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