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A comprehensive guide on PlayPosit Bulb settings.

  1. Terminology
  2. Accessing Bulb settings
  3. Change Bulb thumbnail
  4. Tags
  5. Playback options
  6. Privacy
  7. Batch Settings

The following sections outline how instructors can access and edit Bulb settings in any Bulb which they own or have editing permissions. 

Note: Videos from bulbs cannot be downloaded.


This section outlines important terminology and definitions of the items that will be referenced throughout the help article.

Complete Bulb - In order for a Bulb to be considered complete by PlayPosit, the learner will need to have answered all of the required interactions and watched the Bulb video to the very end. If a learner exits the Bulb without watching the video to the very end, PlayPosit may not consider the Bulb complete

Accessing Bulb settings

Bulb settings can be changed to affect the way a Bulb plays back and displays to both fellow instructors and learners taking the Bulb. Bulb settings can be accessed in the Designer and in My Bulbs

 To access Bulb settings in the Designer:

  1. Click the Review tab

  2. From the Review tab, change the following setting options: 

  • Bulb thumbnail picture
  • Bulb Title
  • Learning Objectives
  • Tags
  • Playback options
  • Privacy settings

To access Bulb settings from the  My Bulbs library:

  1. Select My Bulbs from the Sidebar menu

  2. Click the Bulb thumbnail or the Triple dot menu, then select Settings 
  3. From the Settings, change the following setting options: 
    • Bulb thumbnail picture
    • Bulb Title
    • Learning Objectives
    • Tags
    • Playback options
    • Privacy settings

Change Bulb thumbnail

Edit the Bulb thumbnail by clicking on the picture in the Bulb settings. This thumbnail will display in the My Bulbs library, on learner dashboards (if they log in to PlayPosit), in Premade Bulbs (in certain cases), in the Designer, and in the Player.

Note: The ideal thumbnail size is 1280 × 720 pixels with a minimum width of 640 pixels, and the ideal ratio is 16:9. Both .png and .jpeg images are compatible.

To use a video thumbnail as the Bulb thumbnail, open the Video Segments tab in the Designer. 

Click the Pencil icon and select Use as Bulb Title/Thumbnail


Tags allow instructors to sort and manage Bulbs by custom keywords, audience, and subject area. For example, if there are five Bulbs for a unit on Geometry, and four Bulbs for a unit on Algebra, an instructor can tag their content to easily organize and share them.

  1. After accessing Bulb settings, click Tags to expand that section.
  2. Next, either type or select the Tags that should be applied to the Bulb and click Save.
    1. Keywords/Tags are user-generated content. Instructors can type any keyword they want to use in this field.
    2. Target Audience is a PlayPosit-generated list of options from which an instructor may choose. Click here to request new entries.
    3. Subject is a PlayPosit-generated list of options from which an instructor may choose. Click here to request new entries.

Playback options

Playback options allow instructors to control Bulb behaviors and therefore the learner experience.

To access the playback options:

  1. After accessing Bulb settings, click Playback options to expand that section. 
  2. The following playback options are available:

  • Allow learners to rewind after an interaction appears - Learners can rewind as far as the beginning of the video while they are answering an interaction. (Learners can always rewind as far as the beginning of the video after answering an interaction)
  • Allow learners to skip interactions - Learners can choose not to answer interactions and keep watching the video.
  • Allow viewers to fast forward - Viewers can fast-forward up to the next required interaction.
  • Allow learners to retake the bulb upon completion - Learners can retry an entire bulb when they are done watching the video, but doing so will set their score back to zero until they finish watching the entire bulb again. Any notes the learner has taken will be deleted when a learner begins a new attempt. Once this option is selected, the instructor can also set how many times learners can retake this bulb with the input section below. Learners will have unlimited retakes if the number is set to 0.

  • **Allow learners to view their printable report - Learners can download a printable worksheet of their answers once the bulb has been completed. Instructors may enable this option as a way for learners to have a certificate of completion. Learners may use this report to review and study at a later date. If the instructor has enabled a minimum completion score for the Bulb, learners must meet the minimum completion score to view the printable report.
  • *Allow learners to increase playback speed - This option will automatically be enabled for all bulbs. Instructors can now have the option of disabling playback speed so their learners are unable to speed up videos.
  • Disable captions for this video - Learners will not be able to view the captions and transcript when taking the bulb. If the instructor wants learners to view the transcript without displaying the captions, please also select the "Make transcript available" option. 
  • **Hide learner score upon completion - Instructors have the option to hide the learner score when the bulb is completed. This will prevent learners from seeing a specific percentage score when they complete a Bulb.
  • ***Do not mark bulb complete unless learner scores at least ____ - Learners will have to earn a minimum score in order for a bulb to be marked as complete. In order for the minimum score requirement to be selected, there must be at least one interaction worth at least one point, and the instructor will need to select the option: Allow learners to retake the bulb upon completion. Also, if the instructor has selected Allow learners to view their printable report, learners will need to meet the minimum score to view their printable report.

⁑ Denotes settings that can be set as default in the instructor’s profile.
* Denotes options that are only available to Pro and Institutional clients.
** Denotes options that are only available to institutional clients.
*** Denotes options that are only available to institutional clients by request. Contact the Account Manager to learn more.

When an additional toggle appears under a Bulb setting, this means that existing interactions do not have this setting applied. The setting can be applied by selecting Apply this option to all existing interactions

Setting a minimum Bulb completion Score

The minimum Bulb completion score affords instructors the ability to designate a minimum required score that learners must achieve for a Bulb to be marked as complete. The minimum Bulb completion score, if not met, will prevent grades from exporting to the gradebook.

Important Notes

  • Users should be familiar with Building a bulb before proceeding to set a minimum Bulb completion score.
  • If the instructor has enabled Allow learners to view their printable report, learners will need to meet the minimum score to view their report.

Best Practices when setting a minimum Bulb completion score:

  1. Do not select the minimum Bulb completion score option for Bulbs that will be used for Broadcast assignments. Learners will not have the ability to reattempt the assignment since Broadcast is instructor-led, defeating the intended use of the feature. 
  2. Do not select the minimum Bulb completion score option if there are interactions that require manual grading, such as free responses, as PlayPosit may be unable to determine whether an assignment is complete.
  3. Consider enabling multiple attempts for individual interactions to avoid requiring learners to watch the entire Bulb again.


  1. After accessing Bulb settings, click Privacy options to expand that section.
  2. Select the desired privacy setting for the Bulb. These settings will override your profile defaults. Users can read more about default profile settings in the Your User Account (Instructors) help article.

Batch Settings

You can also do batch settings for multiple Bulbs. Please follow the steps below to adjust the Bulb settings for multiple Bulbs at once.

  1. Select the Bulbs by clicking the checkbox in front of them and select Batch Settings on the top. Please note that only the Bulb owned by you can be selected.

  2. Adjust the individual Bulb's settings or select Apply to All from the top to do batch settings.

  3. Add tags, adjust playback options, or adjust the privacy settings for all the selected Bulb.

  4. After adjusting the settings, click Apply to apply the change to the selected Bulb.

Note: The batch settings will not overwrite the original Bulb settings but only add the newly enabled playback options to the Bulb. For example, if a Bulb has the Allow learners to skip interactions option enabled, and the instructor uses the batch settings to enable the Allow viewers to fast forward option. After adjusting the batch settings, both options will be enabled for this Bulb.

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