Your User Account (Admins)

  • This article applies only to Admin User Accounts. For information on Instructor User Accounts, please view this help article. Please note that students do not have a User Account.
  • To view more information about the Admin Dashboard, please see this help article

In this article

  1. Navigating to User Profile
  2. Account subscription
  3. User settings
    1. Update password
    2. Settings
    3. Instructor visibility
    4. Bulb defaults
    5. Interaction defaults
    6. Authentication integrations
    7. Video integrations
  4. Organization settings
    1. Branding
    2. Content settings
  5. Delete Account

Your User Profile is where you can view your account settings, manage the default settings for your Bulbs, and manage your available LMS integrations.

To access the admin User Profile:

  1. From your Admin Dashboard, click on your profile name in the left sidebar menu. This will bring you to your User Profile. 

Account subscription

This section shows the account is a School Administrator. It also displays Bulb attempts, and video uploaded. Note: Video upload limits will vary depending on if your organization purchased video uploading and how much was purchased. 

User settings

User configuration

View the email being used. Update name, display name, or profile picture.  Note: The display name is the name shown when completing the Bulb as a learner.

Update password 

Change the password on the account. Note: Updating the password will not affect the password used in your LMS. 


Update the Time Zone and copy the Search Code. The Search Code is a unique 8 character string that can be provided to learners to find your class. For more information on how to add learners to your classes, refer to this help article.

Instructor visibility

Determine the privacy of your Bulbs and Playlists.

Note: Playlists are not currently available in the Premade Library or Media Library. This feature is coming soon!

  • Bulbs & Playlists are public - Bulbs and Playlists will be visible in Premade Library and Media Library tab
  • Bulbs & Playlists are visible to members of your district/institution - Bulbs and Playlists will be visible to members of just the institution
  • Bulbs & Playlists are visible to members of your school/site - Bulbs and Playlists will be visible to only members of the specific school you belong to within the institution 
  • Bulbs & Playlists are private - Bulbs and Playlists will not be visible in Premade library or My Media but can be shared via a direct link to instructors only

Bulb defaults

Determine playback settings for Bulbs. Note: Bulb defaults will only impact new Bulbs. For more information on Bulb settings, click here

  • Allow learners to rewind during questions - learners will be able to replay sections of the video prior to each question.
  • Allow learners to skip questions - learners can choose not to answer certain questions and continue playing the video.
  • Allow learners to fast forward - learners can skip ahead when viewing the video.
  • Allow learners to retake once completed - learners can choose to re-answer some, or all, questions in the Bulb.
  • Enable captions on all videos - learners who view the Bulb will have the option to view captions.
  • Hide final score from learners - Instructors have the option to hide the learner score when the bulb is completed. This will prevent learners from seeing a specific percentage score when they complete a Bulb.
  • Allow learners to increase playback speed - This option will automatically be enabled for all bulbs. Instructors can now have the option of disabling playback speed so their learners are unable to speed up videos.

Interaction defaults

Select an interaction type from the drop down menu to select specific default settings. ach interaction will have its own set of available default advanced settings.  Note: Interaction defaults will only impact new Bulbs. 

Authentication integrations

These are the integrations currently set up by your organization. 

Video integrations

Add or update user IDs for video integrations set up by your organization. Note: Some video host integrations will automatically add your user ID. Click here for more information on video host integrations or reach out to your Account Manager. 

Organization settings

Institution configuration 

Update the name of the organization and change the profile picture. 


Note: This only applies to institutions with branding in their license. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information. 

  • Active Color - Changes the main color of the sidebar in the player and in the dashboard. 
  • Inactive Color - Changes the color of the time code displayed in the player.
  • Base Color - Changes the interaction highlight color in the player sidebar.

Toggle Update branding for all schools to overwrite all of the brandings for all users in your organization.

Content settings

Note: Instructors are able to update these settings for individual Bulbs they own. 

Note: Playlists are not currently available in the Premade Library or Media Library. This feature is coming soon!


View all integrations that are available to the institution. Reach out to your Account Manager about adding more integrations.

Delete Account

Click Delete Account in the menu. Then click Delete User Account. There’s no going back - Bulbs, Classes, and account activity will be irrevocably deleted, so be sure you want to delete your account before going anywhere near this button!


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