The Learner Experience (without an LMS)

  • This article only applies to learners accessing PlayPosit 3.0 without a Learning Management System (LMS). Click here for the article on learners accessing PlayPosit 3.0 through an LMS.
  • Troubleshooting? Check out our guide here.

In this article

Learn how to get the most out of your PlayPosit experience!

  1. Overview
  2. Log in
  3. Find a Bulb
  4. Find a Playlist
  5. Play a Bulb
  6. Use the rich text editor
  7. Enable captions
  8. View transcripts
  9. Switch video streams
  10. Take notes on a Bulb
  11. Answering interactions
  12. Save progress
  13. Complete a Bulb
  14. Rewatch a Bulb
  15. Review interactions and previous answers
  16. View instructor feedback on free responses
  17. View report
  18. Mobile player experience
    1. iOS
    2. Android
  19. Complete a Playlist
  20. View gradebook
  21. Troubleshooting


PlayPosit is an interactive video platform. Your instructor will assign videos, or Bulbs, for you to watch that will have embedded questions and interactions. You will be required to respond to these interactions in order to complete the assignment. 

It is recommended that you use the latest Chrome web browser to access PlayPosit. Click here to download it if you do not already have Chrome.

Log in

You will access all of your PlayPosit assignments by either a direct link provided by your instructor or by logging into

Find a Bulb

If the direct link to a Bulb was not provided to you, after you log into PlayPosit, navigate to the class you are completing an assignment for. Inside the class, click on the Bulb.

Find a Playlist

Access a playlist that has been assigned.

  1. Once logged in, select the class from the main Learner Dashboard. 
  2. Click on the Playlists tab and access the playlist that is assigned. 

Note: Bulbs that appear in a playlist will not appear in the Bulbs tab.

Play a Bulb

Click the video to play it and then answer the interactions that come up. 

You can click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to:

  1. Make the video fullscreen
  2. Adjust the video playback speed
  3. Change the video stream source of the videos in the Bulb (especially important if one of the sources isn't working)
  4. Adjust caption language (if available)
  5. Enable or disable captions (if available)

Use the rich text editor

If your instructor has included a free response interaction, you can use the rich text editor to respond.

Note: If you are using symbols such as < or >, please add a space before and after so that it is not interpreted as an HTML tag. 

When the free response appears, click Use rich text?. This will open the rich text editor where you can use Emojis, upload a video response, upload an audio response, or include an image

Some interactions allow the submission of video and audio responses using the rich text editor. Click the video or microphone icon to add a response and then click Submit

Upload a video

Upload an audio

Note: Some learners may have access to direct recording and uploading based on their institution’s licensing agreements. If you are uncertain, speak with your instructor. 

Note: If Submit is not clicked after a video or audio submission has been made, the response will not be marked as submitted.

Upload attachments

If an instructor allows learners to upload attachments in free response interactions, click on the paper clip icon in the rich text editor. Then select a file from the system dialog to upload. The max file size is 25 MB. All file types are supported except for audio, video, and images.

Even though an attachment is uploaded, the Submit button will only be enabled if there is text within the text box.

Note:  For mobile devices, only learners on an Android can upload attachments. Learners on iOS will not be able to upload attachments. 

Use emojis

Import equations

The rich text editor also contains a LaTeX Equation Editor to respond to interactions. 

You can also change the styling of your response to include a table, numbered/bulleted list, or special characters

Enable captions

Note: If captions are not available, there will not be a cc button. 

Enable captions by clicking on the  cc button next to the gear icon. 

Adjust the language of the captions by selecting the  gear icon menu.

View transcripts

To view navigable transcripts follow these steps.

  1. Enable captions by clicking on the cc button next to the gear icon. 
  2. Adjust the language of the captions by selecting the gear icon menu.
  3. Select the sidebar icon.
  4. Click the Transcripts tab. Transcripts will appear as the video plays. Click on any transcript line to be brought to that specific part of the video or search for keywords in the transcript. Please note that you are not able to skip ahead if your instructor does not have fast forward enabled. 

Switch video streams

Switch video streams if a stream is not playing or the quality is not clear.

  1. Select the gear icon menu. 
  2. Choose a stream that plays best on your device.

Take notes on a Bulb

If you need to take notes on the video, click on the sidebar icon, and then on the Notes tab. Type your note into the bottom of the Notes tab and click the blue icon next to it to save your note.  

Each note you make will also save a  clickable timestamp that you can use to jump back or forward to the point in the video when you made that note. You can also download a text file of your notes by clicking on the download icon at the top of the Notes tab.

Note: Please be aware that instructors can see notes that you save.

Answering Interactions

The video will pause once an interaction pops up on the screen. To complete the interaction, answer the question and click Submit and continue. 

You should see a toast in the upper right-hand corner of the screen telling you if your answer was submitted successfully. If the interaction allows it, you may also see highlighting and/or feedback on your selected answer choices. 

If an interaction covers up an important part of the screen, you can hide the question by clicking the 'x' in the top left corner of the interaction. If you want to make the interaction larger, however, click the arrow in the top right corner of the interaction.

Save progress

If a learner needs to leave and come back to the video, all answers and progress will be saved. When a learner returns to the Bulb, a pop up message will appear with the option to resume playback at the timestamp when the video was stopped. Click Resume to return to the timestamp.

Note:  This option is only available if the learner has watched at least 60 seconds before closing out.

Note: Save progress does not work with YouTube videos.

Complete a Bulb

To complete a Bulb, make sure that you answer all of the required questions in the Bulb and watch the Bulb until the end. When you have completed the Bulb, the sidebar will automatically open and show you the assignment score and a green pop up message will confirm your grade has been saved. The sidebar also shows you if your instructor still has to manually grade some of your answers.

Sometimes the instructor may enable retakes on a Bulb. After clicking on Retake Bulb, the score will be reset to 0 in the gradebook until the Bulb is complete.

Note: The instructor has the option to hide learner scores upon Bulb completion. Learners can still see scores for individual interactions, but the total percentage of completion will be hidden. 

Complete a Bulb with a minimum score

For some Bulbs, the instructor may require a minimum score to be met in order for the Bulb to be marked complete. If the minimum score is not met, a gray pop up message will notify you that the Bulb has not been completed. It will then be possible to retake the Bulb until the minimum score is reached. 

Note:  The instructor may have enabled retakes on individual interactions within the Bulb, in which case there is no need to retake the full Bulb from the beginning. Instead, retake only the interactions that have been marked incorrect.

Note:  The minimum Bulb score impacts PlayPosit's ability to send a score to the grade book. In order for the Bulb to be considered complete, a learner must meet the minimum required score, as set by the instructor. 

Rewatch a Bulb

Once the Bulb has been viewed until the max timestamp of the video, a rewatch arrow icon can be clicked from the bottom left corner or from the middle of the video. Review interactions and previous answers

 Learners can review their answers at any point while taking a Bulb, or after they have completed the Bulb by opening the sidebar and selecting the Review tab. 

Information about all previously answered interactions will show up here, including the interaction type, text, and points earned. An interaction will not show up in the Review tab until the player has reached the interaction display time displayed in each row.

Clicking an interaction will return the player to the time at which the interaction occurred in the Bulb, causing the answered interaction to pop up. Interaction answers will not be able to be changed unless the instructor has granted access to multiple attempts on one interaction.

If a Bulb contains multiple videos, then those individual video segments will also appear in the review sheet. Clicking them will cause the video player to begin playing the Bulb from that video clip's start time.

View instructor feedback on free responses

An instructor may leave feedback on free response interactions. If feedback is available, follow these steps to view instructor feedback.

To view feedback from the Bulb, launch the assignment from PlayPosit. Click the menu button to open the review tab. Then, select the interaction that has feedback. 

To view feedback from the learner’s printable report, Click the View my results button from the review tab.

Note: This feature must be enabled by the instructor. 

To view feedback from the gradebook, log into your PlayPosit account. Select the class. Click Gradebook

Select the Bulb to view feedback. A red dot will appear next to the free response that has new feedback from an instructor. Click the free response icon to open and view feedback. 

View report

Note: The report is only available if the instructor is part of an institutional license and has enabled this option.

Once you complete the Bulb, you can view the report that includes your responses to all interactions. To access this, click View Report on the sidebar. This will open up a new tab with your Bulb report that can either be printed out or saved as a PDF.

If you took any notes during the Bulb, those can be viewed in the printable report at the end under Learner Notes.

Mobile player experience

The following sections outline the PlayPosit player experience on mobile devices, including any notable differences between iOS and Android devices.


Click the Play button to start the Bulb. 

Note: Flip the phone to landscape mode for the best user experience.  
Select the cc button to enable and disable captions that are available. 

Select the Settings gear to view the playback options that are available. 

Note: Full screen mode and volume control are disabled in iOS. To make the video larger, flip to horizontal mode. Use the volume control on the iOS phone to control the volume of the video. 
  1. Adjust the video playback speed. This must be enabled by the instructor.
  2. Change the video stream source of the videos in the Bulb.
  3. Adjust the caption language (if available).


Click the Play button to start the Bulb. 

Note:  For the best user experience, click the Settings gear then select the Full screen control button and flip the phone to landscape mode to play the Bulb in full screen mode. 

To exit full screen mode, select the Full screen control button again. 

Select the cc button to enable and disable captions that are available. 

Select the Settings gear to view the playback options that are available. 

  1. Slide the volume control or control the volume on the Android device. 
  2. Adjust the video playback speed. Note: This must be enabled by the instructor.
  3. Change the video stream source of the videos in the Bulb.
  4. Adjust the caption language (if available). 

Complete a Playlist

Note: It is recommended to view a playlist full screen so interactions do not cover the player of a Bulb.
  1. In order to complete a Playlist, launch the playlist as a learner from your PlayPosit account.
  2. To complete the Playlist, watch all of the required Bulbs shown on the left-hand sidebar.
  3. After each Bulb has been completed, a green checkmark will be shown next to each Bulb in the list. 
    Note: If the Lock Progression toggle has been activated by the instructor, a lock will be shown next to a Bulb in the list until the Bulb above it is completed.m
  4. At any point while working on the playlist, select Save and Exit to save all completed work. 
  5. Finish all of the Bulbs in the Table of Contents to complete the playlist. 
  6. If a certificate is available for the playlist, click Print Certificate to print a certificate of completion. 
  7. If grading was enabled for the assignment, upon completion of the playlist, the gradebook will display the sum of the points earned on all the Bulbs at that point divided by the sum of all the points possible in those same Bulbs.
  8. Learners will see a green pop up message in the upper right-hand corner of the playlist that says “Bulb Complete". 
  9. Note: Grade completion will only occur after the learner has completed all Bulbs in the playlist regardless of whether the playlist is open or locked progression.
  10. Select Save and Exit when the playlist is complete. 

View gradebook

To view your gradebook for a class, click on the class you would like to view your grades for. Inside of the class, click Gradebook at the top of the page. This will display your grades for all of the Bulbs within that class. 


In general, if you're having issues with one browser, we recommend that you either update it or switch to another browser. PlayPosit 3.0 generally works best on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

My Bulb won't play
Please refer to this help article for recommendations on getting your Bulb to play. You can also try switching your video source by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and clicking on the drop down menu next to the timestamp.
settings-selectSourceI closed the browser window and didn't finish
You are able to pick back up wherever you left off. Re-open the Bulb and move the cursor along the scrub bar to the point where you stopped. The white space indicates the part of the video you have already watched and the gray is the part that still needs to be watched. 
I want to watch my Bulb again
As long as your Bulb is still available to you on your learner dashboard, you can click on the assignment to rewatch the Bulb without re-answering interactions.

I can't retake the Bulb
You can only retake your Bulb if your instructor has this setting enabled. You can go back and access your assignment to watch the video again and view your responses as long as the assignment is still available in your LMS. 

How to change my name
To change your name, click on your name in the left pop-out menu. Then click on your name to edit it. 

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